7 Things Charlotte Homeowners Don't Know About Termites

March 13, 2020

Everyone has heard of termites but how much do we really know? Would you be able to tell if this invasive pest made its way into your walls? If termites did infiltrate your home, would you know how to safely get them out and prevent them from coming back? Below you'll find seven facts that may be a surprise to many Charlotte homeowners.

a colony pf termites crawling on wood

1. It is hard to spot a termite.

Termites live their lives hidden underground and behind walls. Workers and soldiers go their entire life without seeing daylight. Only breeding pairs, called swarmers, ever go in the open, and even then only to breed. Termites prefer areas around furnaces, chimneys, water heaters, and hot water pipes - places that tend to be warm but also fairly hard to access. Not only are the termites themselves hard to spot, but the damage they cause can often go undetected for years before becoming apparent.

2. Colonies can be unexpectedly large.

The total weight of termites on earth is greater than the total weight of humans. The sheer size of colonies can come as a shock to many people. Single colonies of subterranean termites can contain millions of individuals and forage up to 300 feet in the soil. The queens of some species can lay 15-25 eggs per minute. That’s over 40,000 eggs per day!

3. Damage can go undetected for a long time.

Termites travel from underground into walls and are seldom found in the open. The likelihood of discovering an infestation is incredibly small, yet as the population grows, the rate of damage accelerates. You may see swarms, or evidence of them, in late winter or early spring. Termite tubes - runways or passages coated with earth-like material glued to wood - are another sign of infestation. Once an infestation progresses, wood may be largely hollowed out and rotten in appearance. Your best bet for catching infestations early is to hire a professional with experience.

4. Termites cause an astounding amount of damage.

In the US alone, it is estimated that termites cause $5 billion of property damage annually. This damage is often deemed a preventable expense and is therefore not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Termites feed on all types of wood, including structural wood. They have been known to damage swimming pool liners and PVC pipes. Left untreated, termites can eventually collapse buildings.

5. In some parts of the world termites are considered food.

People in both rural and urban areas of South America and Africa are taking advantage of the nutritional content of termites. High in protein, iron, calcium, fat, and amino acids, termites are prepared by frying, sun-drying, smoking, or steaming in banana leaves. They are considered an important food source in many communities.

6. Termites never sleep.

Whether workers or soldiers or queens, termites are on the go 24 hours a day. There are no days off or downtime. Every minute of their lives is spent building, protecting, or expanding the colony.

7. Don’t try to take on termites alone. Contact the professionals at Aruza pest control.

Infestations often require both structural and chemical treatment methods. Termites are aggressive structural pests. They have high reproductive output and the ability to fragment colonies which affects treatments. Our thoroughly trained technicians will use the most eco-friendly products on the market to keep you and your family safe and pest-free. We stand behind our work with a 100% money back guarantee. Call our extermination experts in Charlotte today!

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