A Complete Guide To Termite Removal And Prevention For Charlotte Homes

March 10, 2023

When it comes to the well-being of your home, termites easily rank as the most damaging pests you will encounter in North Carolina. While they do not carry diseases or bite, the damage to the structure of your home can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Every year homeowners in Charlotte deal with hundreds of termite infestations which often go unnoticed in the house for years, allowing termites to inflict serious damage. And worst of all, termite damage is not covered by homeowners' insurance.

Like all other insects, termites have a niche to fill in the environment around them, acting as nature's recyclers and aerating the soil. But their appetite for cellulose is a real problem for homeowners. A home's structure, after all, is 99% dried wood.

Let's look at what types of termites you might encounter in North Carolina, what options you have when it comes to a termite treatment, how to spot signs of termites inside your house, and where to find reliable pest control in Charlotte to get rid of them.

a termite chewing on wood

The Types Of Termites That Infest Charlotte Homes

Termites love warmer weather, being most active when the temperatures hit over 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mild climate we've come to enjoy in North Carolina is perfect for them. In the Charlotte area, you're likely to encounter the following termite species:

  • Subterranean termites are on the smaller side, often less than 1/8 of an inch long, with creamy white to dark brown bodies. They live in large underground colonies, organized in castes, and build mud tubes to reach wood and wooden structures without drying out.
  • Formosan termites are relatively recent imports that live underground and attack homes from beneath. Formosan termites are the most aggressive termite species and build massive, up to 350,000 member, colonies, making them one of the hardest species to get rid of. They are usually up to 1/2 an inch long with creamy white to brown, long, oval-shaped bodies. The members of the worker caste heads are rounded on the sides and tapered to the front, making them easy to identify.
  • Drywood termites are some of the largest termites in the United States. They grow between 3/8 and 1 inch long and have long, narrow bodies that are usually cream-colored to light brown. Drywood termites live in relatively small colonies of up to 2500 members. These termites prefer dry, well-seasoned wood, making them some of the most dangerous to the structures of our houses.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Termites In The Walls Of Your Home

Termites in Charlotte cause damage to your house quietly and often without obvious warning signs. The damage they do is often confused with rotten wood or paint issues. Watch for the following signs of termite infestation:

  • Mud tubes connecting to your home
  • Flying termites (swarmers) around your property
  • Damaged wood that sounds hollow
  • Blistering paint
  • Small piles of sawdust, called frass
  • Termite wings often found around doors and windows

Spotting signs of termites in your Charlotte home can be complicated, but it's crucial to stop a colony before it causes significant damage.

Is There Way To Prevent Termites In My Home?

Once termites are inside the house, getting them to move on to greener pastures is not an easy task, but thankfully, as a homeowner, there are quite a few things you can do to your home to make it as unappealing to these insects as possible. 

  • Keep water away from your walls; termites need moist conditions to travel.
  • Take care of any leaking plumbing pies as soon as possible.
  • Keep crawl spaces and basements adequately ventilated.
  • Make sure to properly treat any wood that comes in contact with the soil.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in the outside walls and make sure window screens are in good shape to keep swarmers out.
  • Change your outdoor night lights to yellow bulbs-termites, like most other insects, are attracted to the light.

Besides these precautions to prevent termites in Charlotte, you might want to consider yearly termite inspections as low-cost insurance against damage termites can do to your home.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites In Your Home

At Aruza Pest Control, we've been helping Charlotte residents deal with their termite problems and other invasive pests for over 20 years. We customize our treatments to your specific situation and use environmentally friendly products to take care of the pests bugging your home without endangering you or your pets.

If you're starting to see signs of termites in your Charlotte area home, get in touch with us today! We'll clear termites out of your Charlotte home and ensure it stays termite free in the future.

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