Are Earwigs Inside My Charlotte Home Hard To Get Rid Of?

September 16, 2022

Many pests look dangerous but are actually harmless. Some look harmless but are actually dangerous. A few invasive species in our area look (and are) dangerous. Today we will determine if the earwig is as dangerous as it looks here in Charlotte and we will provide you with some information about these invasive bugs. If you would like immediate assistance to deal with earwigs in or around your home, call Aruza Pest Control. Our team is trained in eliminating earwig problems and would be happy to lend you a helping hand.

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Earwigs In Charlotte: Get The Facts 

How much do you know about earwigs? If you have never had earwigs in your house, this may be your first time researching these pests. To help you better understand these intimidating bugs, here are a few facts to consider.

Earwigs do not burrow into people's ears, nor do they lay eggs inside brains. This is an old wives' tale that dates back to the 17th century. 

Earwigs are more agricultural pests than they are home pests. They regularly cause problems for gardeners here in Charlotte. 

Earwigs love moisture and are attracted to secluded areas both inside and around homes. You are most likely to find these pests in your garden, under mulch, or around basement areas. 

Is This An Earwig?

The earwig bug is a local insect with a large pincher at its rear. Further identity one of these pests by its dark brown color, yellow legs, and curved antennae. Although not likely to attack humans, the earwig is capable of piercing skin with its large pinchers. To avoid a painful earwig pinch, do not pick these pests up with your bare hands, and address infestations in and around your home. Beyond pinching, earwigs are not known to be harmful. They do not spread any form of dangerous disease and do not possess venom like other area bugs.

The Lifecycle Of The Charlotte Earwig

Earwigs go through three stages of development in their life span, egg, nymph, and adult. Female earwigs carry their eggs until they find a good place to lay them. Eggs are laid together in what is called a cell under leaves, inside the soil, and in other moist/secluded areas. A single female will lay anywhere from 20-80 eggs per brood and will brood twice per season. Once laid, eggs take roughly seven days to hatch. This is followed by the first molting into an earwig nymph. Nymphs then molt another four to six times before reaching adulthood. These invasive bugs might break into your home at any stage after hatching. If you are having trouble with earwigs in or around your home, do not worry. These pests are easy to address, with the right help of course.

What Should I Do To Get Rid Of The Earwigs In My Apartment?

In order to get rid of earwigs and keep them out for good, you need to invest in a quality pest control plan. At Aruza Pest Control, we work hard to ensure our community has access to advanced, high-quality pest protection and elimination services. Our treatments are designed to not just give pests the boot but to also keep them out, year-round. We recommend starting with a thorough pest inspection. Charlotte pest control has never been easier.

Call to schedule your Charlotte home for an inspection today. Let one of our friendly service providers talk you through your options and find one that best fits your individual needs.

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