Are Silverfish In Charlotte Dangerous?

February 7, 2021

Don't judge a book by its cover, even if it is small, creepy, and fringed with long bristles all over its body! 

Silverfish are a type of primitive insect that is neither silver nor a real fish. These bugs are about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long from tip to tail, and characterized by long antenna, white or grey bodies, and a long tail "bristle" that pokes back from the abdomen. Despite their unsightly appearances, silverfish pose no real health threats to people or their pets. However, these creatures can and will damage your belongings.

Silverfish love to chew on grains, books, wallpaper, and even some forms of upholstery. In fact, anything with sugars or carbohydrates could be facing potential devastation by silverfish hordes. 

silverfish in bathroom

Silverfish Prevention Tips For Charlotte Homeowners

There are a number of ways to prevent silverfish populations from entering your home, especially if these pesky pests have been making repeat appearances in recent months. To begin with, let’s take a look at some of the attractant factors that could be drawing them closer:

  • Food: Silverfish need a high volume of food content in order to survive in the home. Sugary compounds known as polysaccharides are their favorite snacks, which can be found in glue, paint, fabric, and even some furniture.

  • Water: Like all living things, silverfish require access to moisture in their living spaces. Both air moisture (humidity) and puddling liquid can be acting as attractant factors in your living space.

  • Shelter: Silverfish prefer to live and breed in dark, less-undisturbed areas of the home, which can sometimes include garages, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Do your part to mitigate silverfish activity by following this list of pest prevention tips:

  • Mitigate moisture levels in the home by fixing clogged drains or leaky pipes as soon as they are spotted. Run dehumidifiers in chronic problem spaces, and hang desiccant bags in smaller areas that require help.

  • Remove potential hiding spaces from the general area by storing boxes, clutter, and all associated knick-knacks in a dedicated space.

  • Sweep, vacuum, and otherwise clean your home on a weekly basis.

Worried that these steps will not be enough to combat your silverfish problem? Get a professional inspection from Aruza Pest Control and get your suspicions confirmed right away. 

Slash Silverfish Numbers With Aruza Pest Control

You might be feeling better now that you know silverfish aren’t quite the monsters they appear to be, but maybe you’re still not quite settled. After all, no amount of prevention can ever eliminate a silverfish infestation entirely, especially when there are factors in your home that continue to attract higher populations.

Still concerned that silverfish could be infiltrating your Charlotte property? Don’t wait until the situation gets worse. Contact Aruza Pest Control for total silverfish prevention, treatment, and control in your Charlotte home. Our team is ready and able to address your silverfish needs with speed, skill, and a friendly smile. Over 20 years of combined experience has taught us the ins and outs of effective silverfish control, from the application of chemical products to the inspection and fulfillment skills we need to truly delight our customers. There are many reasons why silverfish could be entering your home, which is why Aruza Pest Control is prepared to address any unique need with any blend of service products.

Get in touch with our team right away to schedule an inspection, or book treatment visits online at your earliest convenience. We pride ourselves on delivering quick and efficient pest treatments in any situation, and offer residential pest control services for any household and lifestyle. From prevention to inspection to total elimination, trust the crew at Aruza Pest Control to get the job done right.

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