Charlotte Homeowner's Guide To Millipede Control  

April 30, 2020

Sharing the earth with bugs is a fact of life most people resent. Many are creepy, icky, annoying, and dangerous. Some can spread bacteria and disease, or destroy a home or business. There are a few critters that folks don’t mind, though. Butterflies and ladybugs are perfect examples of this. They’re just pretty and harmless. They don’t bite, sting, spread illness, or chew on your belongings.

a lillipede curled up on a cement floor

Millipedes don’t cause much trouble either, but they aren’t as welcome as the flying beauties previously mentioned. Millipedes are kind of hideous and slimy looking; they remind people of worms. They aren’t worms though, and technically, they aren’t insects either. They’re actually invertebrate arthropods. Regardless of their classification, Charlotte residents don’t want them around. You can learn now how to keep them away, and how Aruza Pest Control can get rid of them.

How Do Millipedes Look & Behave?

Millipedes are very small; they’re usually about an inch or less in length. The subspecies most common in North America are black or brown, with orange markings. Their slim, rigid, and segmented bodies are what’s reminiscent of worms. For each segment, they have two pairs of legs. It appears as though they have a thousand legs, as their name suggests. However, the highest known amount is 750.

These pests prefer to be outdoors because they flourish around moisture and feed on organic matter. They often nest in mulch, leaves, logs, decaying plants, and beneath rocks and trash cans. If it gets too hot or dry, they’ll start making their way to your door. Once they’ve completed their journey, you'll likely see them in the following areas:

  • The perimeter of your property

  • Patio or deck

  • Basement

  • Crawlspaces

  • Garage

  • Bathroom

  • Under kitchen sinks

Typical entry points for millipedes are vents, foundation cracks, and under exterior doors. They travel in groups and conceal themselves under furniture and boxes. Since they are nocturnal bugs, humans tend to miss them. Thus, if you see one in broad daylight, you probably have an infestation. As noted before, millipedes don’t bite, sting, or damage items. They also can’t contaminate food or surfaces. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be handled. They do release a defensive liquid that can cause skin irritation and blisters.

What Can You Do To Prevent Millipedes?

It may seem like a millipede intrusion is inevitable and unstoppable. Soil and moisture are what attracts them, and there’s no shortage of this near your home. You could purchase a home or establishment building that doesn’t have a lawn or isn’t near trees and forests, but that’s not appealing. Fortunately, there are easier and more manageable ways to deflect millipedes from your Charlotte property:

  • Fix any leaks, plumbing, or moisture issues.

  • Wash outside air vents and gutters.

  • Use dehumidifiers.

  • Reduce clutter, and don’t store items stacked against walls.

  • Seal openings around doors, windows, and foundations.

  • Keep greenery maintained, and a few feet from your property.

  • Dispose of dead leaves and wood.

How Does Aruza Pest Control Handle Millipedes?

Aruza Pest Control has been kicking critters out of Charlotte properties for over 20 years. Our treatment materials are hard on insects and creatures but easy on the environment. All of our traps, baits, liquids, sprays, gels and other devices are eco-friendly. We even have organic products, if you’d like that option.

As an Aruza Pest Control customer, you’re sure to have thorough inspections and comprehensive care by our QualityPro-trained technicians. QualityPro is a leader in pest management, and we’re proud to have their stamp of approval. We’re so confident about what we do, all of our services come with a money-back guarantee! Call for a free quote today!

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