Commonly Asked Questions About Indian Meal Moths In Charlotte

November 20, 2022

Indian meal moths in Charlotte are something you never want to see around your property. For pantry pest control you can rely on, the Charlotte pest control professionals are here to provide the pantry pest repellent services you need.

Why Are There Pantry Moths In My Pantry?

While pantry moths can sometimes find their way inside your property through open doors or windows, the most likely scenario where you picked up an infestation of this pest is by purchasing or bringing already-contaminated items into your pantry. Indian meal moth larvae can be laid inside of packing where you can’t easily see it; as you obtain the item and store it in your pantry, the life cycle continues, eventually developing into a full-scale infestation. 

Already contaminated pantry items with pantry moths will have sticky webbing alongside the packaging, food packaging that will look chewed or ripped, and signs of larvae or webbing on the inside of the packaging. 

Can Pantry Moths Eat Through Plastic?

Pantry moths in Charlotte can easily chew through soft plastics and items such as ziploc bags to access the food stored inside. A simple Indian meal moth home remedy is to store your food and pantry items in airtight hard plastic or glass containers, something that prevents the insects from getting inside. However, be sure when that your items are uninfested before sealing them up because otherwise, the infestation will continue in the stored area.

Where Do Pantry Moths Lay Their Eggs?

Pantry moths typically lay their eggs inside the food items they prefer to eat. You will find eggs inside stored grains such as pasta, rice, flour, bread, and other starchy items. The eggs turn into larvae which feed on the grains before becoming adults, leaving the stored food item behind; then look for mates and areas to lay their eggs, continuing the lifecycle. 

To eliminate an infestation of Indian meal moths, you will need to remove all traces of eggs and larvae in addition to the visible adult moths that you see hovering around your pantry areas.

What Should I Do To Make Pantry Moths Go Away Permanently?

Indian meal moth control can initially seem confusing, but it doesn’t need to be as overwhelming as you think. To start with, follow these simple prevention tips to keep pantry moths far away from your property:

  • Check items in grocery stores or wherever you buy pantry items for signs of infestation such as webbing, obvious eggs, larvae, or packaging damage.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when possible, and use sturdy window and door screens to keep this pest out of your kitchen and food pantry areas.
  • Utilize hard plastic airtight containers or glass containers in food pantry areas to ensure that pantry moths can’t invade your stored packaging.
  • Declutter pantry areas often and always use older food first; this helps you keep an eye on your pantry area and catch an infestation as it starts and prevents food from sitting around too long, attracting pests.

If you need more advice about Indian meal moth prevention or assistance defeating active infestations of this pest, contact Aruza Pest Control. Our team will inspect your property to identify significant pantry moth problem areas and get to work eliminating every trace of this pest. We will protect your food storage areas, and you’ll be able to reclaim kitchens and pantries from moths and their troubles in no time.

Contact Aruza Pest Control today to get started.

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