Do Essential Oils Work On Mosquitoes In Charlotte?  

April 14, 2021

Before we talk about the effects of essential oils on mosquito populations, you need to understand the dangers associated with these flying pests in the first place. Here in Charlotte, mosquitoes are just about as common as dirt. They are both obnoxious and dangerous to people, causing itchy bites that may become infected by mosquito-borne illnesses

a mossquito sucking human blood

A short list of some of the most worrying of these diseases include: 

  • Zika virus 

  • Malaria 

  • West Nile virus 

  • Dengue 

  • Chikungunya 

  • Yellow fever 

  • Encephalitis 

  • Tularemia

When faced by mosquito infestations, most homeowners opt to do their own form of pest control using DIY remedies and home pest sprays. Essential oils are by far some of the most common of these, especially since the late 2010s. However, there is some debate about the effectiveness of these oils on pest vectors, as we will soon explore.

Scents & Essential Oils That Deter Mosquitoes: How To Control Charlotte Mosquitoes

The relative effectiveness of essential oils in pest control has been an ongoing debate for several years now. So just how much do they work on mosquitoes here in Charlotte? The best answer we can give you is: it depends.

There are several known scents and essential oils that we know can deter mosquitoes, including:

  • Peppermint (and other minty scents): These oils can be quite strong, and often push mosquitoes out of areas where they are currently questing for a blood meal. 

  • Cinnamon Oil: Not only does this oil send hungry mosquitoes hordes packing, but its powerful properties can kill mosquito eggs and larvae. Simply apply some oil into a body of infested water using a few drops from an eyedropper, and watch the results. 

  • Neem Oil: Neem is a widely heralded plant for its pest-reducing oils. This extremely effective essential oil is known to keep mosquitoes away for up to three hours after application, although your mileage may vary.

Before you get involved with essential oils for pest control, it is important that you are researching and using the proper type of essential oils in the first place. Food-grade essential oils are always preferred over non-food-grade oils. In addition, ensure that you are applying these oils correctly in their various forms.  Using many different types of oils should involve the use of a carrier fluid, such as water, lotion, or another neutralizing agent. The misuse of essential oils can cause physical damage to items, plants, and people.

When Essential Oils Don’t Work, Try, Try Again With Aruza Pest Control

It should be noted that essential oils are a helpful tool for mosquito prevention, but they cannot be used to destroy an infestation that has already arrived. More, these oils may be more or less effective depending on your unique location, application style, or situation. If you need mosquitoes banished immediately, essential oils may not make the cut. Instead, you will need to invest in the immediate and fast-acting services of a professional pest control agency. 
For more mosquito prevention advice and to receive the most effective form of mosquito control on your property, contact the professionals at Aruza Pest Control right away. Our team of hardworking pest specialists will be excited to help you find the perfect pest control plan for your lifestyle, as well as provide helpful tips and advice for a mosquito-free lawn all year round. Schedule a household inspection, treatment, and follow up service with Aruza Pest Control online today!

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