Eww! What Are These Moths Doing Inside My Pantry In Charlotte?

August 27, 2022

Are moths invading your Charlotte pantry and contaminating your stored food? Our article gives you tips for Indian meal moth identification and Indian meal moth prevention so you can eliminate all traces of this pest. 

indian meal moth on flour

Where Do Indian Meal Moths Come From?

The Indian meal moth is also commonly referred to as the pantry moth; this pest will start infesting your home in one of two ways – they will either slip through your windows and doors in search of food or ride in on already infested store-bought products. As the adult moths lay their eggs in these stored pantry items, they encourage feeding and breeding in your food and continue a hard-to-treat lifecycle. 

It can be challenging to get rid of Indian meal moths because of their prolific nature, so you should reach out to Charlotte pest control for further advice if you are struggling to defeat this pest.

If An Indian Meal Moth Gets In My House, Will It Eat My Clothes?

Fortunately for your clothing, Indian meal moths only feed on stored food items such as grain, pet foods, and starchy products. Your fabrics are safe, and your clothes will not get holes, despite the sight of Indian meal moths in your closet (they occasionally fly in these areas to hide). Your stored food is at risk of infestations by this pest, and you should eliminate all Indian meal moths from your home as soon as possible.

Seeing white worms around your home may indicate that you have a problem with Indian meal moth larvae. The larvae of this pest are notably white, caterpillar-like, and small; they can crawl on walls or through food and will leave behind sticky webbing or holes in food packaging. You are most likely to see these stored white worms in rice, flour, and pet food products. 

Contact us at Aruza Pest Control for more assistance in identifying and eliminating Indian meal moth larvae.

Gross! How Can I Get Rid Of All These Indian Meal Moths and Larvae?

If you want to know how to get rid of Indian meal moths for good, you can follow some of our easy prevention tips.:

  • Inspect the packaging of everyday pantry items such as rice, pasta, and flour. If you see holes or sticky webbing, you shouldn’t purchase that item.
  • For clear food packaging, look closely at the item to see if you can detect signs of adult moths or larvae. Don’t purchase the item if you do.
  • Use window and door screens at home and seal any gaps that may let hungry Indian meal moths in from the outside.
  • Keep your pantry decluttered and always use older products first; this stops items from sitting around in your pantry for ages and attracting pests.
  • Consider using airtight containers in your pantry areas, as plastic boxes will keep Indian meal moths out or contain an infestation.

If you still have an uncontrollable infestation, you should skip the Indian meal moth home remedy and head straight to Aruza Pest Control. Our expert pest control technicians will help you identify moth problem areas and provide you with solutions that get rid of this pantry pest.

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