Four Simple Silverfish Prevention Tips For Charlotte, NC Homes

November 30, 2021

Have you ever gone in the basement to find an old book, only to discover weird, shiny pests are eating away at what you were trying to read? If so, you may have a silverfish problem in your home. Silverfish are pests that are commonly seen in Charlotte homes. While they aren’t dangerous to humans, they are a nuisance pest that can be difficult to get rid of.

Silverfish are known for their ability to destroy items in your home. They feed on anything made of paper like books and wallpaper, as well as glue, clothing, and food items like oats. They get the name from their shiny, metallic appearance and fish-like movements. They have wide-set eyes and small antennas. They don’t have wings so they can’t fly, but they can run very fast and are excellent climbers. 

a silverfish crawling on a bathroom wall

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My Charlotte Home?

Silverfish are typically found in moist, humid areas of your home like basements, attics, and bathrooms. They can also be found in ceiling soffits, skylights, and canister lights and entering homes through shake roofs.

These pests spend most of their time outside in damp, dark places like under mulch, leaf litter, compost piles, and fallen trees. They move inside when the weather becomes too hot or dry for them to survive and in search of food. Silverfish can also be brought into your home when you bring objects in from outside, like potted plants, boxes, and outdoor decorations.

The first sign of a silverfish infestation in your home is usually feeding marks. These can be holes, irregular notches, or surface etching on items that these pests feed on. You may also see yellow stains, scales, or feces, which resembles pepper flakes, in areas where silverfish are commonly found.  

Four Tips To Prevent Silverfish

A silverfish infestation can get out of control quickly and be very difficult to get rid of. This makes preventing an infestation the best way to keep these pests under control. Here are four tips to keep silverfish from finding their way into your home:

  1. Reduce moisture around your home by making sure gutters are working properly, repairing clogged or leaking pipes, and using a dehumidifier.
  2. Eliminate their ability to gain access to your home by sealing cracks around windows and exterior walls and using door sweeps on exterior doors.
  3. Inspect anything you bring in from your yard for signs of silverfish, including boxes, decorations, potted plants, and outdoor furniture.
  4. Remove any leaf piles, fallen trees, or other landscape debris from your yard and keep a gap between organic material like mulch or soil and the exterior of your home.

A residential pest control plan can also prevent silverfish and other pests from taking up residence in your home and yard.

Professional Silverfish Control

If you are dealing with an active silverfish infestation in your home, or you want to take steps to prevent an infestation in the future, call us today. Our trained exterminators will use eco-friendly pest control treatments to quickly and completely eliminate any silverfish that are currently in your home.

We can also develop a pest control plan for your home that prevents silverfish and other common pests from getting in. Even better, you can rest assured knowing that all of our treatments are guaranteed. This means that if silverfish or other pests come back, we will come re-treat your home at no additional charge. Let us keep your home and family protected from these nuisance pests and the damage they can cause, so you don’t have to worry about these pests hiding in your basement destroying your old memories. 

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