How Bad Is It To Have Fleas In My Charlotte Home?

December 10, 2021

Pests are sure to bother you if you ever go outdoors. It will feel like the insects and creatures of the earth received an alert that a human is in their vicinity. Fleas, in particular, are a major issue.

The impact of fleas is often downplayed because they are so rampant, but they can transmit disease. This is because the insects bite humans and animals to drink their blood. Red and itchy welts on the skin are only the beginning. Learn more about flea risks and how you can avoid them. Aruza Pest Control can be of assistance in Charlotte. 

up close image of a flea crawling on human skin

Where Do Fleas Come From? What Are The Dangers?

Fleas are hard to reign in for several reasons. One is that they are extremely small and compressed, being just 0.09 of an inch long. However, the gleam of their reddish-brown skin may help you spot them. Some people see them when they’re leaping with their hind legs. The wingless bugs jump onto clothes and the fur of animals, which is usually how they enter domiciles. Once indoors, they’ll huddle in pet materials, fabrics, and carpeting. Even if you don’t have a dog, cat, bird, or the like, fleas will fixate on fellow pests—for instance, rodents and squirrels.

Signs Of Infestation Are:

  • Noticing that domestic animals are scratching themselves constantly.  
  • Having ongoing bites on your body.
  • Finding flea feces on carpeting and pet bedding.
  • Discovering flea eggs by furniture, pets, rugs, and structural voids.

The dangers of fleas are great. Typhus, parasitic, bacterial diseases, and tapeworms are among the conditions these critters are known for spreading. When they nibble on you, there’s a significant chance you’ll experience skin inflammation or allergic reactions. You’ll have strong urges to scratch your flea bumps, but they need to be ignored. Should you cut your skin,  the space in question will be open to germs. Secondary bacterial infections are a possibility. Anemia is associated with severe infestations, as people will have their blood pulled by fleas recurrently.

Wooded and grassy zones are sanctuaries for fleas since they are rich in shade, natural matter, and sand. Watery areas, such as lakesides, ponds, and ditches, are gravitation points too. Many assume that these bugs don’t target residential yards, but this is a misconception. They love to gather near patios and decks and underneath rocks, shrubs, and debris. Another common myth about fleas is that they can’t survive indoors; they indeed will thrive well and breed.

How Can You Prevent Fleas?

You could have no domestic animals at all and still encounter fleas. Any dwelling can be overrun with these awful critters. The more detailed you are with your cleaning practices, the better. It’s also helpful to enhance the care for pets and your property's exterior. Perform these tasks:

  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery regularly.
  • Remove debris from the yard.
  • Use gravel for your property’s perimeter instead of soil.
  • Discuss year-round flea control and treatment with your pet’s veterinarian.
  • Inspect and groom your animal’s hair on a routine basis.  
  • Vacuum and wash rugs frequently.  
  • Look over second-hand items before purchasing them. Examples are carpeting and furniture.  
  • Contact Aruza Pest Control if you have critters fleas could have as a host.

What Can Aruza Pest Control Do About Fleas?

Retail insecticides for fleas will disappoint you because they can’t thwart an infestation; they’ll only eliminate a few pests. On top of that, shelf goods can be too toxic for humans, pets, and vegetation. At Aruza Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly or organic solutions that are industrial-grade. Our home pest control treatments include specialized interior and exterior avenues. Call today for a free quote!

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