How You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Charlotte, NC

June 25, 2021

Termites are tiny, but they create big disasters. The wood-eaters can destroy entire homes and businesses in Charlotte, NC. Americans fork over a combined $5 billion in expenses each year trying to recover from these pests or ward them off. It’s hard to avoid their havoc because they usually sit inside of walls or beneath ground soil. In the majority of instances, property owners won’t realize there’s an issue until the situation is critical.

There are many myths about termites that people spread. This leads to improper attempts to stop the bugs, and therefore, worsened conditions. It may take a little time, but it will be worth it to learn more about these insects. Learn what’s true and false about termites, so you can successfully build a defense with Aruza Pest Control.

termites crawling in a wood nest

Four Myths About Termites

Myth #1: Termites Are Ants Who Only Exist to Destroy Things

Workers are the heart of termite colonies. Several are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. Despite their coloring, they are physically similar to ants. The two insects aren’t related at all though. Workers are guarded by soldiers with rectangular heads and large chomping mandibles. Often, they are a yellow-brown shade. The reproductive swarmers are ½ of an inch long, and yellow, brown, or black. They use their wings to leave nests to mate and begin new hoards. Since they are likely to be spotted, swarmers are a primary sign of infestation.

It’s unimaginable that termites can be useful, but they are to the environment. The pests are considered decomposers because they wreck wood and natural matter. Soil is nourished with nutrients and air when they consume plant materials and rotting or dead trees. Subsequently, greenery will be able to survive.

Myth #2: Termites Are Easy to Detect And Decaying Wood And Mulch Will Keep Them Away

Remember that termites generally aren’t noticed right away. Look out for these subtle pieces of evidence:

  • Drywall that’s baggy and off-color
  • Creaking floorboards and loose tiles
  • Bubbling, peeling, or frothy paint
  • Hollow walls
  • Needle-point holes, maze patterns, and mud tubes in walls
  • Swells of fecal frass
  • Seeing swarmers or discovering their shed, scaly wings

Given that termites thrive around and support soil, you can’t count on it or mulch to drive them away. That same goes for decaying wood; it’s typically a fixation point for them. You will want to get rid of any on your property or otherwise, repair it. Additional prevention tasks you can perform are:

  • Have moisture malfunctions and leaks fixed; start with those wetting wood.
  • Never allow free wood, such as fire logs, to touch the soil.
  • Seal all openings in utility lines and foundations.
  • Be sure to sit woodpiles and greenery a couple of feet away from the property.

Myth #3: Termites Can Chew Concrete And One Treatment Will Kill Them 
Termites can only crawl through concrete cracks; they can’t gnaw on them. On the note of treatments, you can’t wipe these bugs out for an eternity. There’s always a possibility that they will invade again, especially if a space has already been affected. It’s best to have ongoing monitoring.

Myth #4: You Can Deal With Termites Yourself

Most retail insecticides and “do it yourself” concoctions are only temporarily effective, reaching just the surface of a termite infestation. Further, they might be lethally toxic or accidentally misused and some even exacerbate the problem. For reliable and efficient results, contact us at Aruza Pest Control. Our certified technicians will apply Termidor liquid termite solution to form a protective barrier and ruin colonies. All of our avenues are safe and thorough. Free inspections, warranties, and pre-construction treatments are available. When you call us today at Aruza Pest Control, you’ll be offered a free quote!

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