Let's Talk About Indian Meal Moth Control In Charlotte

January 20, 2023

Would you eat a bug for a hundred dollars? Most people could not be convinced to do this, yet in foreign countries, it can be common to consume bugs. Assuming you do not want to adopt these foreign traditions, you should know how to keep Indian meal moths out of your home. These pests like to invade and lay their eggs inside boxes of stored food. To help you avoid a bug in your mouth, here is what you should know about the Indian meal moths in Charlotte. For immediate help handling an active pantry pest infestation inside your home, contact Aruza Pest Control. We will offer you some options for pest control in Charlotte and help you handle pest problems inside your home.

indian meal moth in cupboard

Indian Meal Moths Are Pretty Easy To Identify

There are many insects in our area that are difficult to identify. They hide inside wall voids, under floors, and in the recesses of basements and attics. Indian meal moths are not so elusive. These local pests fly around living areas and lay their eggs inside boxes of stored food. To identify an infestation inside your home start by checking boxes of food for small eggs and wriggling grubs. We also recommend keeping an eye out for adult moths around your living areas. An Indian meal moth is ⅝” long and has wings that are copper, tan, and black. If you are having trouble identifying these pests, bring in our team. We will perform a detailed pest inspection and help you to better understand your risk.

Are Indian Meal Moths In The House Harmful To Human Health?

There is no real threat to having Indian meal moths inside your home. These pests are not going to get you sick with any harmful diseases, do not bite, and are not venomous. If you had no problem eating food with eggs and grubs and could keep these things down, no harm would befall you. Most people, however, do not like bugs in their food. If this is the case for you, we recommend researching why Indian meal moths invade homes and learning how to prevent these pests in the first place.

Factors That Attract Indian Meal Moths To Your Property

Have you ever wondered where do Indian meal moths come from? It really is simple. There are two ways that these pests get into local homes. The first is by crawling or flying in through open doors, windows, and gaps and cracks found inside exterior walls. The other way Indian meal moths get indoors is by hiding their eggs and larvae inside boxes of food. Things that attract these pests to homes include light sources at night, compromised boxes of food, and entry points. If you are looking for how to get rid of Indian meal moths and how to prevent these pests for good, bring in our team at Aruza Pest Control.

The Best Solution To An Indian Meal Moth Infestation In Your Home

To get rid of Indian meal moths, you need professional help. At Aruza Pest Control we work hard to help locals remove pantry pests from their food storage areas. Let us inspect your home for an active infestation and deal with any pests we find. For long-term protection, consider investing in one of our general pest control plans. This is a great way to avoid finding Indian meal moth eggs and larvae inside your boxes of food.

Call Aruza Pest Control today to learn more about home pest control and schedule a service visit for your Charlotte home and property.

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