Rodents In Charlotte Are Tricky To Deal With Alone

August 31, 2022

Rodent infestations in your Charlotte home can easily reach nightmare proportions as this pest grows in numbers and takes over. All rodents are tricky to deal with alone, so you need Charlotte pest control's assistance to contain and eliminate this pest.

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What Kinds Of Rodent Control Are There?

Rodents are prolific and can be challenging to get rid of, but fortunately, there are several different types of rodent control strategies out there. We give you a brief rundown of each rodent control method below and some of its pros and cons:

  • Traps: Traps include glue traps, live traps, snap traps, and electric traps. Any combination of these can be put around your home, and while they can be effective, some types of traps may not be the most humane for rodents.
  • Baits: Baits are typically poisons that will kill rodents. These can be highly effective but may be dangerous to use around other animals or small children due to their lethality.
  • Natural Methods: Natural rodent control steps include prevention strategies and using items such as essential oils to keep rodents away. They may not be the most effective in eliminating large infestations, but they can help protect your property with other rodent control strategies.

These methods can help eliminate infestations of all types of rodents, but some can be more helpful than others based on your property’s needs. Contact Aruza Pest Control for more information on what might be best for you.

Does Electronic Rodent Control Work?

Electronic rodent control is a relatively new method that supposedly works on all different types of rodents you may have in your home. You can use traps designed for either rats or mice and will deliver an electric shock, killing the pest once they enter the trap. These may be effective when placed strategically around your home.

You may also be able to purchase an electronic rodent control device that emits high-pitched sounds intended to protect your property from infestation. These are likely to be less than effective and may work just as a prevention precaution.

I Live In Charlotte. What Is The Average Cost For Rodent Control?

In Charlotte, the average cost of rodent control ranges between $150 and $500. This price fluctuation depends on the severity of your infestation, the methods used to treat your infestation, the overall size of your property, and how much time is needed to apply pest control solutions. You can contact Aruza Pest Control if you have more questions about this or want to know the kinds of rodents that professional help can handle.

Oh My Goodness! There Are Rodents In My Home! Can Aruza Pest Control Help?

Have you noticed rodents running around your Charlotte home? The only reliable way to get rid of rodents and eliminate all traces of this pest is to let our expert technicians at Aruza Pest Control help you out. With our in-depth inspections, tailored treatment plans, and extensive knowledge of rodent control tactics, we can help you identify the scale of your infestation and provide you with solutions that effectively and efficiently remove this pest from your home.

Instead of relying on DIY methods and hit or miss store-bought products that can waste your time and money, trust Aruza Pest Control with your rodent elimination needs and contact us today.

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