Termite Season Is Upon Us In Charlotte

March 5, 2022

One of the most damaging pests in the area is the termite. These wood-eating insects can destroy homes, properties, and do thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages. But how do you know if you have a termite infestation in your Charlotte home?

termite on damaged wood

What Do Termites In Charlotte Look Like?

One of the first keys to identifying a termite infestation in your Charlotte home is knowing what a termite is and what they look like to the naked eye. Where you’ve seen one, you can assume there are many. Charlotte residents will commonly find Eastern subterranean termites in and around their homes, which resemble a whiteish-colored ant in appearance.

Termites are social insects, meaning they nest in a group or “colony.” Each colony has a king and a queen, both of which are typically brown in color. Reproductive termites, known as alates, use their wings to swarm and form new colonies and then shed their wings once a colony is established. Other termites vary slightly in appearance depending on their caste within the colony. For example, a soldier termite has a large head and large jaws. Other workers are a white color, and they do jobs such as maintaining the nest and caring for the queen.

How Do I Know If My Charlotte Home Has Termites?

There are many signs of termites in your Charlotte home. You can seek out signals such as these to identify if your home has an infestation of termites:

  • Swarming, or the sight of flying termites, typically occurs in North Carolina in the late winter, and continues into September or October of the following year.
  • Mud tubes are a way for subterranean termites to ensure they are not out in the open but can remain under soil even where none is available. As the name sounds, these are caked tunnels created by the termites, resembling a dirt color, weaving up walls or beams.
  • Damage is usually a sign residents may notice, as termites will feed on the wood in a home. They will also eat paper products, cardboard, canvas, sheetrock, and carpeting. Looking for signs of termites includes finding wood that sounds hollow, is easily pierced, or has a grey-brown-colored film on its surface.
  • Relying on a trusted pest control company such as Aruza Pest Control is a wise choice for truly identifying what pest is taking up residence in your Charlotte home.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Charlotte Look Like?

Besides the typical signs listed above, there are ways to identify a termite infestation in your Charlotte home. Termites will leave behind extensive wood damage in your home as they burrow through and consume your home's structural wood. Termites also shed wings, and you may find piles near the nesting points. These whiteish, nearly translucent wings will come off as termites make their way into adulthood or after swarming. Termites will also leave behind waste, called frass, which looks like sawdust. Eating through the wood of your home can create a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

How Does Aruza Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites In Charlotte?

With more than 20 years of combined experience, our trusted professionals are the only true way to identify, investigate, and exterminate any termites found in your Charlotte home. Our professionals will come to your home, inspect your property thoroughly and create a treatment plan that will work for your specific needs. Following the extermination, we will continue to work by your side to follow up with reviews to ensure all termites have been eliminated for good.

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