The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Charlotte Home

September 10, 2021

Cockroaches represent one of the most common pests that invade homes in this region. The body of a cockroach is oval-shaped and flat with antennae and six legs. The most common types of cockroaches found in the Charlotte region include the American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and several others.

american cockroaches in a bucket of popcorn

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can easily enter a home through small openings around doors and windows in search of food. In some cases, they are brought into a home inside of grocery bags, delivery boxes, or second-hand furniture. Cockroaches are omnivores that will consume almost anything such as sugars, starches, meats, and decaying matter. 

The Dangers That Cockroaches Pose

Cockroaches are known to carry harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites. They may spread typhoid fever, salmonellosis, E.coli infection, and many other harmful problems. Cockroaches will rummage through a home contaminating food and surfaces and leave excrement. 

Tips For Preventing Cockroaches

If you want to keep cockroaches from entering the premises to begin with, we have a few suggestions:

  • Always check groceries bags, packages, and plants for cockroaches before bringing them indoors. 

  • Preventing access to food is critical. Leftovers should be placed in the refrigerator or a tightly sealed container. 

  • Promptly wipe up spills, clean countertops, and sweep kitchen floors.

  • Avoid leaving uneaten pet food or dirty dishes out overnight.

  • Any trash cans with food scraps should have functioning lids.

  • Apply caulk or sealant to any cracks or gaps around the foundation and other exterior areas of the property.

Do I Need A Professional Pest Controller?

Once cockroaches enter a property, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. Being mostly nocturnal, these creatures generally hide during the daylight hours. Cockroaches also tend to reproduce rapidly, as females can lay dozens of eggs and a rather small intrusion can quickly develop into a major infestation.  
Cockroaches are also extremely resilient and difficult to kill. They have a strong exterior body and move surprisingly fast through small openings. Cockroaches also can withstand many types of chemicals that other pests cannot. 
Property owners facing a cockroach invasion are encouraged to avoid trying do-it-yourself treatment options that are sold through local stores and internet retailers. Many of these products including sprays, traps, and foggers rarely will eliminate cockroaches completely. These store-bought solutions might also contain harsh chemicals that pose health risks. 
Speaking with a licensed pest control company is the best course of action when you have these and other pest-related problems. They have the knowledge and tools to efficiently banish problems with cockroaches, rodents, termites, and many other unwanted pests that might be harmful. 

Premier Pest Extermination Company In Charlotte

Aruza Pest Control is a local organization that strives to operate in a manner that is safe for our customers and the environment. Our company has received GreenPro accreditation and uses many organic treatment options. Companies that have earned the GreenPro certification have demonstrated a commitment to limiting risk, using eco-friendly products, and participating in the latest training programs. 
One of our professionals will visit the property and conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection to identify the type and extent of the problem. Our technician will explain the best treatment options and might identify conditions that exist that make you vulnerable to future pest intrusions. Contact our office today for an estimate.

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