The Key To Deterring Mosquitoes From Your Charlotte Yard

April 5, 2022

A world without mosquitoes sounds like a pretty sweet deal from a theoretical standpoint, but in reality, we'd be a lot worse off than you'd expect. While it's true that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet, they still have an essential role to play in our ecosystems. That doesn't mean they should be tolerated around your property, though – these parasitic insects are still dangerous, so effective pest control in Charlotte is a necessity for warmer seasons. Aruza Pest Control is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes if you're already struggling with them, but there are still plenty of natural ways to keep mosquitoes away if you haven't fallen prey to them just yet.

Mosquito biting a person

How Mosquitoes Contribute To Charlotte Ecosystems

While most people ruefully fantasize about a world without mosquitoes, ecologists would consider it a grave situation for our planet. The fact is, even though mosquitoes are annoying parasites that are dangerous vectors for disease, they're still significant contributors to our ecosystems:

  • Source of food – all kinds of animals eat mosquitoes, whose numbers would dwindle rapidly if there was a mass mosquito extinction.
  • Pollinators – mosquitoes don't just drink blood; in fact, only female mosquitoes require protein to develop eggs. They mostly drink nectar and plant juices.
  • Biodiversity – plenty of birds prey on insects while they're still in flight, which protects them from falling prey to predators themselves. These active feeding habits help to ensure the survival of many different species.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Charlotte Property Is A Big Problem

There are a few different reasons why having mosquitoes around your Charlotte property is bad news, which is why you need Aruza Pest Control. These pests can attract other insects and wild animals that eat mosquitoes to your yard and, while these creatures are also beneficial to the environment, they can also bring some pretty nasty downsides with them. Depending on the species, spiders can definitely be dangerous to your health, and wild birds have been known to carry fleas and ticks. Of course, the biggest problems they introduce are the diseases you can get from mosquitoes.

The Diseases Mosquitoes In Charlotte Can Transmit

The reason mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet isn't that they're venomous or capable of mauling someone to death, but instead because of their infectious bite. Mosquitoes are the cause of over one million deaths per year, thanks to the diseases you can get from them:

  • Malaria
  • Zika Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • West Nile Virus
  • Chikungunya Fever
  • Chagas Disease
  • Several strains of Encephalitis
  • Yellow Fever
  • Rift Valley Fever

Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Charlotte Yard

Don't go rushing to the store for citronella candles just yet – there are all kinds of natural ways to keep mosquitoes away from your property that are even more effective and less detrimental to your health. Despite what you may think, citronella candles and torches don't work as well as you'd think, and burning citronella oil can release harmful carcinogens into the air. Instead, work on lawn care maintenance to keep your grass trimmed, and underbrush cut back, remove any stagnant water around your property, keep your soil properly aerated, and add mosquito-repellent plants to your landscape. Citronella, marigolds, lavender, and geraniums are all wonderful choices for keeping mosquitoes away.

If you already have a mosquito problem, though, and you're looking for effective, eco-friendly pest control in Charlotte, then the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is with the help of our pest experts at Aruza Pest Control. We provide all kinds of pest control options for our customers, including fully organic treatments, and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our treatments are low-impact and environmentally safe, which means you don't have to worry about dangerous chemicals around your home. So get in contact with us today and discover the difference Aruza can make for you.

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