The Trick To Keeping Overwintering Pests From Getting Inside This Winter

December 13, 2021

Overwintering pests are creatures that wait until the winter to move indoors and wait out the cold weather from inside your home. They can cause a lot of damage when they manage to enter a Charlotte home as it gets cold outside.

Overwintering pests will live off the food they've stored in the summer months or from any source of food that they can get their hands on. If they set up camp in an area close enough to the exterior of your home for some time, you're likely going to find them making their way into your home in cold conditions when it snows and gets cold outside.

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Types Of Pests That Invading Charlotte Homes As The Weather Cools

Identifying these pests is a good first step in preventing them from entering your home. Here are some overwintering pests you can find in Charlotte:

Asian Lady Beetles

These beetles are usually spotted during warmer months, but during the cold season, because they run the risk of freezing to death, they make their way into homes. There's nothing lady-like about these overwintering pests as they leave an odor when crushed.

Boxelder Bugs

These are about the size of a honeybee and prefer to live under the eaves of houses. In late autumn, after emerging from their homes in woodpiles or host trees, they make their way indoors, looking for a sheltered place to remain through the winter. When crushed, they also release a bad odor.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are flat and shield-shaped with many round spots on their backs. Stink bugs do not cause any damage to homes, but they can make a home infested with them hard to live in. In the fall and winter months, they move indoors because it's too cold outside. They will enter through small cracks and crevices around windows, doors, and gaps, or holes in siding.

Pests can be a nuisance and a health hazard in your Charlotte home. Once they find their way inside the house, they like to move around and accumulate in areas looking to find food and shelter for the winter. The problem is that they tend not to go away after winter, which can add up to many months of pests.

Prevention & Ongoing Care

It can be hard to combat pests, but it certainly helps when you know what you're up against. Good prevention in the fall and ongoing professional pest control is the best way to tackle this problem and can be done during the winter, too!

Here are some tips on how to prevent pests from getting into your home:

  • Seal all cracks and holes around the foundation of your home.

  • Seal all gaps around window and door frames.

  • Install screens on vents.

  • Clean up your yard of debris and food sources.

  • Remove any trash from around your garage or home and keep leaves off the ground so they won't attract pests.

  • Use weather stripping around doors, windows, and other areas where pests might enter.

If you know what to do in advance, chances are things will go much better once the snow starts piling up outside. Start with swift action early in the fall. Ultimately, the most effective way to deal with a pest problem, especially in the winter, is with professional assistance from Aruza Pest Control. We also offer commercial pest management for Charlotte businesses.

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