What Happens To Spiders During A Charlotte Winter?

December 4, 2020

A staple of the horror genre, they’re the stuff of some people’s nightmares, the favored pets of others, and the giant monsters in more than a few Hollywood hits. If you guessed we’re talking about spiders – you’d be right! While these evolutionarily perfected predators serve an essential purpose in eliminating other pest insects like flies and roaches, most of us would prefer they do so somewhere besides our homes.

spider crawling on the floor

Unfortunately, our climate-controlled, insect-inhabited houses provide the perfect places for arachnids to hang out through the chilly Charlotte winters. While they’re technically exothermic, spiders actually have their own antifreeze system by way of naturally occurring compounds that lower the freezing point of their tissues. This means they’re not coming into our houses to get toasty; they’re coming in because the cockroaches warming their wings underneath our refrigerators provide the perfect snack for these eight-legged predators.

The Perfect Place to Feed and Breed with Speed

If you’re noticing an uptick in the frequency with which you’re seeing spiders, there’s probably another infestation going on that’s attracting them. However, the cold, hard truth is that every home has spiders. While the internet rumor that you’re never more than three feet away from a spider in your whole life is a myth (thank goodness), the truth is that spiders can and usually do live in the cracks, cervices, and darkened corners of your home.

Running across a spider every once in a while doesn’t usually bother most people, but when they start feeding and then breeding, you will see then more frequently, and you may even feel like you’re never more than three inches away from a spider in your own house. Spiders can lay hundreds – sometimes thousands – of eggs throughout their lifetimes. If there are enough insects to feed on and enough spots to hide in, many of the hatchlings won’t leave. If each of those hatchlings lays hundreds of its own eggs and then the new generations lay hundreds of their own eggs… well, you get the picture.

How to Send the Freeloaders Packing

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent spider infestations. First and foremost, you want to make sure you don’t have some other infestation that’s attracting them. For instance, if you’ve got a lot of flies buzzing around, you’re going to attract any number of web-weaving spiders. If you’ve got roaches, you’ve also got an all-you-can-eat buffet for specialized wolf spiders and other wandering and hunting arachnids. So, it’s important to eliminate any insects inhabiting your home that could provide a food source for spiders.

Other ways you can prevent spider infestation are:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices that serve as an entryway into your home
  • Making sure window screens are intact
  • Keeping sliding doors and unscreened windows closed
  • Eliminating as many hiding places as possible by clearing clutter
  • Cutting bushes and trees back away from the exterior of your house

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, both spiders and their hapless prey items can be tough to uproot once they’ve set up shop in your home. Bait traps, sticky traps, and sprays are all great solutions to control a couple of bugs here and there, but when you have a serious infestation, these at-home fixes can prove terribly ineffective. Once you’re at the point that you’re seeing arachnids and insects all the time, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Here at Azura Pest Control, we’re uniquely qualified to handle spiders and the prey that attracts them. Our residential pest control programs include inspection, elimination, and follow-up services that all ensure your home is both cleared of present infestations and protected from future ones. We offer eco-friendly and organic pest control solutions that are as safe as they are effective. So if you’re seeing more spiders than you’d like, contact us to schedule your appointment today. 

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