What To Do If You Have Been Bitten By A Lot Of Mosquitoes In Charlotte

July 1, 2022

There is nothing quite like summertime in Charlotte. Barbecue smells, great music, and good times permeate the air in this metropolitan area. Warm southern temperatures are, unfortunately, also ideal for North Carolina mosquitoes. The area encapsulating the historic and beautiful city of Charlotte provides attractive breeding grounds for these troublesome pests.

a mosquito that landed on human skin

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

Mosquito bites are itchy bumps under your skin. Most people can feel when they are being a meal for a female mosquito, as the area they have fed from will immediately become raised, red, and itchy.

Some of the common types of mosquitos in North Carolina include:

  • Common house mosquitoes
  • Gallinippers
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes
  • Yellow fever mosquitoes
  • Common malaria mosquitoes

All of these mosquitoes are related to the common housefly and look like one another. They have two wings, hair-like scales, and a long proboscis. The proboscis is the needle-like mouthpiece that is used to feed on nectar. Female mosquitoes have a strong proboscis and will feed on human blood. Males do not have a strong proboscis and feed solely on nectar and fruit juices.

How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching?

Mosquito bites itch because a mosquito pierces your skin and as it feeds, it injects saliva subdermally. The itchiness comes from how your body reacts to the introduction of the saliva. To stop mosquito bites from itching, you need to draw out the saliva or neutralize it.

If you are bitten by a mosquito here’s what to do:

  • Create a paste using baking soda and water.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with a little water until it becomes a paste.
  • Wash the affected area with warm soap and water.
  • Use a cold treatment to the bite, such as ice, for ten minutes.
  • Apply the paste.

You can also use an over-the-counter topical antihistamine to help reduce the itching.
If you scratch a mosquito bite, it has the potential to become infected. Infected bites are red and warm to the touch. In some instances, red streaks will spread outward from the bite.

What To Put On Mosquito Bites

If you don’t have baking soda available, there are other options. Some often suggested remedies include:

  • Toothpaste: Apply paste (not gel) as needed and let dry.
  • An aspirin paste: Make a paste from crushed aspirin and water.
  • Cinnamon and honey: Use a 1:1 ratio and apply liberally.
  • Peppermint essential oil: Soak a cotton ball in the oil and apply directly to the skin.
  • Aloe vera: Store-bought gel works, but if you have an aloe vera plant, use it.
  • Witch hazel: Witch hazel is a natural astringent that will help pull out the irritants.

Oral over-the-counter antihistamines taken as directed may offer you some relief as well. If you find that the itching won’t stop, has gotten worse, or is painful, don’t hesitate to contact a healthcare provider.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From You And Your Family

Although there are many home remedies, preventing a mosquito bite is better than having one. Burning sage for mosquito prevention has become the new citronella candle at outdoor events, but has been shown to be limited in effectiveness. Wearing long sleeves and putting on bug repellent are a couple more ways to repel mosquitoes. But who wants to wear long sleeves in hot weather?

If you have a mosquito problem in your Charlotte yard, contact Aruza Pest Control for effective pest control services in Charlotte. Our mosquito control services will keep these pests from ruining your time outdoors and let you enjoy your yard all summer long.

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