Why Are There Ants In My Charlotte Home?

January 21, 2021

We Charlotte residents think highly enough of our hometown to overlook its problems. Sure, every city has its share of rough areas and less desirable parts of town, but ours are just…better! While it’s okay to have a little hometown pride, the homeowners in Charlotte who think that they keep good enough care of their properties to avoid pest issues are playing a dangerous game. No matter what your house looks like or what part of town you’re from, you’re going to have to deal with the bugs that come along with it, especially the ants.

carpenter ant crawling on wood

Charlotte Area Ants

There are tons of different kinds of ants in our area, so you don’t need to know them all. However, you do need to understand which ants are considered harmful and which ants are just considered a nuisance. Either way, you don’t want them hanging around your property. For instance, even the rover and argentine ants, typically considered nuisance ants since they do not sting, can carry bacteria into your home and cause diseases. Since they love hunting for poorly-stored food, they’ll wind up contaminating many of your pantry and kitchen items. If you see these brown ants scouting for food in the kitchen, you’ll want to keep an eye out for more rover ants or Argentine ants.

Another ant you’ll want to watch out for is the carpenter ant, which is by far the most destructive ant that could wind up on your property. These black ants are much larger than most, and some even have wings that further differentiate them from your typical ant species. Once they find a way on to your property, you’ll see why they got their name. Carpenter ants do not eat your wood like termites do, but they will carve nests into wooden structures in and around your home like door frames, outdoor decks, and railings. To add to the concern, many carpenter ants will sting when their nests are threatened.

Other ants whose sting puts them into the dangerous category include fire ants, field ants, and more. Many people mistake black ants for harmless ants, but even many black ant species will sting when threatened, resulting in anaphylactic shock and allergic reactions in severe cases. Fire ants, which range in color from black and brown to red and orange, will invade homes in search of food, putting you in danger of harmful stings. Other ants, like the field ant, will not invade homes but are still a significant health threat in your yard.

Preventing The Problems

While they range from nuisances to dangerous home-invaders, prevention practices are a necessity to keeping your Charlotte home and property ant-free. While preventing ants is tough, the following activities may give you a fighting chance:

  • Watch out for scouting ants. They’ll send word back to their colony that you have easily accessible food sources.
  • Clean your home regularly to eliminate the loose crumbs and clutter that attract ants.
  • Store your food properly and promptly. Sloppily storing food or leaving it out overnight will attract ants quickly.
  • Secure your trash in a heavy-duty trash can with a sealed lid.
  • Seal up potential entry points like cracks in the foundation or under your exterior doors with caulking and weather-stripping.

By following this list, you can improve your chances of avoiding an infestation. However, ant infestations can still pop up very easily. If they do, don’t waste your time with the inconsistent results of home remedies and store-bought bait stations and sprays. The best way to deal with an ant infestation in your home is to call the professionals - Aruza Pest Control.

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