Why Now Is A Great Time To Start Thinking About Mosquito Control For Your Charlotte Home

April 9, 2020

Here comes the sun… the summer sun to be precise. Yes, that’s right, summer is just a few short months away which means the return of all sorts of fun outdoor activities such as BBQing, swimming, and simply enjoying the warm weather.

Unfortunately, the return of summer also means the return of certain seasonal pests. One such pest that is particularly annoying, not to mention dangerous, is the mosquito. Mosquitos are known transmitters of all sorts of horrible diseases which is why they are considered to be the deadliest animals on the planet. And while every bite may not be dangerous, it is still better to be safe than sorry. You should be taking the necessary precautions to keep mosquitos away from your Charlotte home. With just a few simple prevention tips and help from the professionals at Aruza Pest Control, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer and not have to worry about mosquitos.

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Mosquitos – What You Need To Know

When it comes to preventing mosquitos, or any pest for that matter, the first step is being able to identify them. Mosquitos have slender bodies, hairy wings, and extended piercing mouthparts which are used for feeding on plant nectar as well as the blood of humans and animals.

One reason mosquitos feed on human blood is because it provides them the protein they need to produce eggs. They then lay these eggs on standing water, vegetation in the water, tree voids, and flooded areas. If you have any standing water around your property, it could be drawing mosquitos in as viable locations for depositing eggs.

Another reason mosquitos may be drawn to your property is because they are attracted to your flowering vegetation. This is because, in addition to blood, mosquitos also feed on plant nectar.

The Dangers Of Mosquitos

As stated, mosquitos are considered to be the most dangerous animals on earth due to the diseases, human-pathogens, and parasites which they are known to transmit. In the Charlotte area, the diseases most likely to be spread by mosquitos are West Nile Virus and Easter Equine Encephalitis. 

West Nile Virus And Eastern Equine Encephalitis 

While these are the most likely diseases to be spread in the area, mosquitos are also known to spread horrible diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. And while it may not be likely for mosquitos to transmit one of these diseases to you in Charlotte, it’s safe to say, you don’t want any disease from a mosquito. This is why you should know a few key prevention tips to keep mosquitos away from your property.

Keep Mosquitos Away

The biggest factors that attract mosquitos to your property are standing water and flowering plants which provide food and suitable environs to lay eggs. Limiting these is the best way to keep mosquitos from your property. Other techniques include:

  • Keep the number of flowering plants on your property low.

  • Store any water-collecting vessels or containers upside down.

  • Fill in any low-lying areas that may collect water.

  • Remove any debris from gutters to keep water from pooling.

  • Keep windows and doors shut.

  • Maintain the lawn and keep grass and vegetation from overflowing.

Aruza Pest Control’s Mosquito Reduction Service

You can, and should, utilize every prevention technique possible. However, the most-effective way to keep mosquitos away from your property is with Aruza Pest Control’s mosquito reduction service. This is a monthly-service which consists of two parts: Inspection and Treatment.

A trained pest professional will come to your home and identify any potential mosquito breeding grounds and areas of standing water which is where treatment is required. Then, the professional will treat areas of standing water. Your professional will also make suggestions to help you eliminate conditions that are causing these areas of standing water to form. Finally, the professional will perform a full-yard spray and treatment to all vegetation which will begin to eliminate any current mosquitos and lasts up to 30 days.

If you want to enjoy your yard this summer, contact the professionals at Aruza Pest Control and start your mosquito reduction service today.

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