Why Wasps Invade Charlotte Yards & How To Keep Them Away

April 28, 2021

There are a whole lot of pests here in Charlotte that feel completely unnecessary in daily life (we don’t need mosquitoes anyway, do we?). However, these stinging insects have some of the most important ecological functions of all: pollinating plants. We talk a lot about saving the bees and protecting our natural pollinators, usually with images of cute and fuzzy bees dancing in a flower patch. But we would do well to remember that stinging insects such as wasps are technically a part of this group of protected insect species, even if they are considered to be pests!

cicadia killer waps in a back yard

The common area wasps here in Charlotte can be easily identified by their yellow and black striped bodies, long wings, and curved abdomens topped with a vicious stinger. The wasp family holds quite a few of our least favorite residents, including:

Wasps are incredibly important facets of the environment and are beneficial to plants, animals, and the entire food chain we rely on. Of course, this doesn’t make them any less dangerous to people and their pets. That’s one of the reasons why proactive prevention is always the best approach to wasp control in Charlotte.

Things That Attract Wasps To Your Charlotte Home

(And How To Mitigate Them)

Charlotte residents are all too familiar with the presence of wasps around their homes, families, and loved ones. This almost chronic attraction between stinging pests and your home can be attributed to several things, including:  

  • Certain types of flowering plants or fruit trees, especially those that are very sweet-smelling or productive

  • Sugary drinks such as soda, lemonade, and sweet tea 

  • Food crumbs and remaining waste thrown into the yard

While not all wasp attractant factors can be controlled by personal home remedies, some of them can be mitigated with great effect. Here are a few ways to reduce or eliminate these factors around your home:

  • Reduce harborage zones where wasps could be building nests. This includes overgrown trees and shrubbery, thick areas of grass and other foliage, and areas under the eaves of your home.

  • Plant less wasp friendly foliage around the home, including flowery blooms or sweet-scented plants such as lilacs. 

  • Harvest fruit that has fallen from underneath trees as soon as possible, and do not allow these items to rot. Wasps love rotting foods in particular and will swarm around rotten apples, pears, and other sugary favorites. 

  • If you are still concerned that wasps could be attacking your Charlotte home this spring, it will be important to start your prevention techniques on the right foot. Speak with a dedicated pest control agent at Aruza Pest Control for a free household inspection that prioritizes your needs.

Aruza Pest Control - Making Wasp Control Work For You Since The Mid 2000s

Attempting to control an existing wasp problem is not something any Charlotte homeowner should attempt on their own. Not only does DIY do it yourself) wasp control put you in a dangerous situation, but it could be risking the health and welfare of yourself, your pets, and everyone you love. If you spot an active wasp nest on your property, do not attempt to handle things on your own. 
Instead, contact Aruza Pest Control for the advice, assistance, and control methods you need to make safety your reality. With 20 years of combined wasp control experience under our belts, we know what it takes to keep your Charlotte home safe and pest free. Call us at Aruza Pest Control to set up an initial appointment today!

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