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an earwig on a kitchen counter

What You Ought To Know About Earwigs In North Carolina

September 4, 2020

Some pests cause fear because they bite or spread disease. Others just look scary! Earwigs fall into the latter category. Though these pests look quite frightening, they aren’t inherently dangerous. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are welcome in your home. Find out how to prevent earwigs from getting into your North Carolina home.... Read More

ants crawling on the kitchen floor

8 Easy & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Charlotte Property Owners

August 28, 2020

Do ants keep popping up around your Charlotte, NC home? Ants are some of the most common insects in the world, with thousands of species existing on every continent (except Antarctica). It’s only natural that these pests end up in some people’s homes, but make no mistake – certain ant species are more dangerous than others... Read More

a mosquito on a puddle of standing water

All The Ways You Attract Charlotte Mosquitoes

August 21, 2020

Summer is well underway here in Charlotte, NC, and if you’ve been outside recently, then you know how bad the mosquitoes get this time of year. These bloodsucking pests can get merciless, especially in a state like North Carolina with its many rivers and mountains... Read More

an indian meal moth crawling in a cupboard

Charlotte's Guide To Pantry Moth ControlĀ 

July 28, 2020

Often referred to as pantry moths or flour worms, Indian meal moths are some of the most frustrating home invaders to ever cross your kitchen’s threshold. Adult Indian meal moths are harmless creatures, however, the eggs they so carefully lay, which then hatch, are what make this insect species harmful.... Read More

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