an overhead view of a man typing on a computer keyboard inside of a home in charlotte north carolina
close up of american cockroach

American Cockroaches In Charlotte: What You Need To Know

January 7, 2022

American cockroaches aren't just annoying to have as pests, they're also dangerous, and they're difficult to discover before they become a serious hazard. These pests have been spreading like wildfire ever since they were introduced to North America in the 1600s, and not one single state is without at least a few infestations.... Read More

cockroaches eating out of a dish

Four Clear Signs Your Charlotte Home Has A Cockroach Problem

June 4, 2021

There may be no pest that haunts the nightmares of homeowners the way a cockroach does. They can survive without their head for a week, handle below freezing temperatures that kill other insects, and honestly? They’re just downright gross. The last thing anyone wants in their home is a cockroach. ... Read More

cockroach in a basement

What Everyone In Charlotte Ought To Know About American Cockroaches

January 14, 2021

Ah, the Queen’s City. It’s one of the finest cities on the East our own humble opinion, of course. Whether you’re into the museums, the nightlife, or the sports, we’ve got it all. What’s more American than that? Perhaps that’s why the American cockroach seems to take such a liking to our homes and properties. ... Read More


How Dangerous Are The Cockroaches In My Charlotte Home?

December 24, 2020

Cockroaches are prolific pests that carry a myriad of harmful bacteria. Nobody wants these disgusting creatures skittering across their kitchen floors. Find out more about cockroaches in North Carolina and how to keep them out of your Charlotte home! ... Read More


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