an overhead view of a man typing on a computer keyboard inside of a home in charlotte north carolina
a mosquito on a puddle of standing water

All The Ways You Attract Charlotte Mosquitoes

August 21, 2020

Summer is well underway here in Charlotte, NC, and if you’ve been outside recently, then you know how bad the mosquitoes get this time of year. These bloodsucking pests can get merciless, especially in a state like North Carolina with its many rivers and mountains... Read More

a mosquitoe biting the bare skin of a charlotte north carolina resident

What Charlotte Homeowners Ought To Know About Mosquitoes

December 19, 2019

We’ve all heard the persistent, whiny hum of a mosquito. At best, it is a sign of a nuisance to come. Irritating and itchy bites will be quick to follow. Mosquitoes have that uncanny ability to zero in on their target and disappear just before being swatted... Read More


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