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Not to be confused with the northern founding city of the same name, Jamestown is a small North Carolinian suburb located in the Greensboro metro. This area’s abundant natural wildlife, agreeable climate, and centralized location make it a safe place for families of all age groups. Young professionals appreciate the short commute to High Point and other surrounding townships; growing families enjoy the wealth of things to see and do, and retirees and snowbirds appreciate Jamestown’s scenic vistas and affordable housing areas. Approximately 4,000 home and business owners currently live within the borders of Jamestown, NC. Although some of them have avoided the less enjoyable aspects of property ownership, many local civilians have been affected by the ongoing activity of pests and their harmful effects.

Thousands of pests and their family members are taking up residence inside buildings of all kinds. Without support, property owners may crumble under pressure. The hardworking team at Aruza Pest Control has been protecting Jamestown property owners for more than 20 years. By requiring only the highest levels of education for our employees, we guarantee swift and succinct control over pests of all kinds. Learn more about household management with Aruza Pest Control today! Call now for a free quote. 

Residential Pest Control In Jamestown, NC

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All properties in the Jamestown area are subject to individual micro-biomes, meaning that every residential home has a unique type of habitat which attracts different kinds of pests. Homes in more moisture-heavy areas may experience attacks from silverfish, cockroaches, and rodents. In contrast, homes in the hotter or drier side of town may see higher numbers of termites and wildlife animals.

This unique contrast is one of the factors that power the team at Aruza Pest Control. In business for 20 years and counting, our unique understanding of pest infestations and their micro-biomes makes it easier than ever to treat your home. Casing your home from top to bottom ensures the best possible service with the timeliest possible speed.

Below are some reasons why residential homeowners in Jamestown love working with Aruza Pest Control:

  • All of our products and treatments are environmentally friendly.

  • Our team strives to reach 100% customer satisfaction with every visit.

  • We protect homeowners, local pets, and wildlife species with fully organic treatment options.

  • We tailor all services to the end client, with many customization opportunities available.

Confirm an Aruza Pest Control residential pest control treatment program now. Call today to schedule an initial appointment. 

Commercial Pest Control In Jamestown, NC

Businesses in Jamestown deserve just as much care, attention, and respect as commercial enterprises in larger metro areas. Although local owners may not have access to as many amenities as they would like, all businesses in this city have access to the forward-thinking commercial pest control opportunities of Aruza Pest Control. 
We are proud to serve Jamestown business owners operating in the following industries:

  • Hospitality and overnight stays

  • Government buildings

  • Foodservice and restaurants

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Warehouses and self-storage 

Even if your particular industry is not visible on our list, our dedicated crew is still available to help. Contact our primary Jamestown office now to speak with a representative. We are looking forward to creating a custom-built commercial pest control plan just for you. 

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Jamestown?

There are two types of pests common in Jamestown: nuisance pests and dangerous pests. Nuisance pests include those that cannot affect human health, primarily silverfish, most species of ants, and the majority of spiders. However, there are also dangerous pests that fall into each category. These creatures are known for their ability to affect human health and wellness in a very negative way.

Despite popular belief, there are dangerous spiders here in the Jamestown area. From black widow spiders to brown recluse spiders, homeowners should defend their homes at all times of the year.

Here are some things you can do to prevent a spider attack on your Jamestown property:

  • Sweep webs away from the sides of the home.

  • Have the home inspected for secondary infestation types.

  • Confirm professional spider treatments from Aruza Pest Control.

Call now to set up your first appointment with our award-winning team.  

Four Signs You May Have A Termite Problem On Your Jamestown Property

Could all that tapping in the walls be pointing to termites? If you are concerned that your Jamestown property is suffering from the effects of wood-eating insects, you are not alone. Below are four signs that you may have a termite problem around your property:

  • Soft clicking, tapping or gnawing in the walls.

  • The presence of mud tunnels running up walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • Frass piles near baseboards, walls, and other wooden objects.

  • Discovering termite exoskeletons inside the home.

Contact Aruza Pest Control at the first sign of termite activity. We are prepared to keep you termite-free for good!


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