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Owning a home or business in the Kernersville area will force you to deal with a variety of pest problems that threaten your property throughout the year. Unfortunately, dealing with these pests on your own will increase the risk to your property, employees, customers, or family. There are a variety of pests in the Kernersville area that will cause damage to your property or spread dangerous bacteria, so you can't afford to put your trust in anything less than a professional guarantee. That's what we provide at Aruza Pest Control, along with the following benefits and assurances:

  • 20 years of industry and area experience 

  • Money-back guarantee 

  • Organic treatment options 

  • Customizable services 

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Residential Pest Control In Kernersville, NC

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Owning a home in the Kernersville area requires you to deal with a variety of pest control problems. From invasive termites to disease-spreading roaches and rodents, there are too many pests that threaten your home and family to count. That’s why you can’t put your trust in the inconsistent results of home remedies or store-bought sprays.

Instead, put your trust in the most customer-friendly, guaranteed pest control services in the Carolinas: Aruza Pest Control. With over 20 years of pest control experience in the industry and area, we can provide the pest-free home you’ve wanted since your home and family are at risk. Call us today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control technicians.

Commercial Pest Control In Kernersville, NC

When you own a business in the Kernersville area, your reputation is one of the most important assets to your business. Unfortunately, pests are a direct threat to this reputation, mainly thanks to the power of social media. 

Suppose you want to avoid bad reviews and rumors of an unsafe environment in your commercial facility. In that case, partnering with an Aruza Pest Control commercial pest professional is the best way to do so. With over 20 years of experience and a pest-free guarantee, we have everything you need to ensure that your customers will never witness a pest problem in your commercial facilities. Give us a call to schedule your inspection today.

How To Stop Rodent Infestations Before They Start In Kernersville

Rodents are some of the most frustrating pests in the Kernersville area because of their danger, destruction, and unique ability to get into almost any structure they want to. Rodents armed with sharp teeth and flexible bodies will chew through various construction materials and squeeze their bodies into tiny openings to infiltrate your home or business.

Once rodents establish an infestation within your walls, they will reproduce rapidly. That's why it's challenging to control a rodent infestation once it has begun. Instead, you can limit your chances of a rodent infestation with the following methods:

  • Proper food and trash storage

  • Regular lawn maintenance

  • Decluttering the low traffic areas of the home

  • Partnering with a pest control professional

Even though many of these methods can improve your chances of avoiding rodents, only the professional help from Aruza Pest Control will guarantee that you need to avoid a dangerous encounter with these pests. With innovative trapping in monitoring systems, we can stop a rodent infestation before it gains a foothold within your walls. Call us today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Here's Why Moisture Control Is So Important For Kernersville Properties

In a place like Kernersville, it's important to control the moisture on your property for various reasons. Moisture problems can threaten your home and family in a variety of ways. For instance, mold and mildew problems directly result from moisture issues on your property, especially within your basement or crawl spaces. Mold and mildew can cause severe allergic reactions or bacterial infections.

Other allergy and infection risks include ant problems and roach problems. These pests are highly attracted to moisture buildup within your walls. They will spread dangerous bacteria in your kitchen and stored food areas, possibly leading to diseases like salmonella, E. coli, and more. 

Apart from health hazards, moisture control problems lead to termite attraction to your property. Termites love to feed on moisture-damaged wood, and moisture buildup can put your home at risk of expensive damage at the hands of termites. 

Unfortunately, aside from dehumidifiers and proper lawn care, it can be difficult to control moisture buildup in the yard or your basement and crawlspaces. That's why partnering with the professionals at Aruza Pest Control can help you prevent moisture buildup on your property with professional assurances. 

Our services are guaranteed and backed by decades of pest control experience in the industry and area. We know how to protect your home from pests, and we know the best way for each property owner to control moisture problems in their home and yard. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential technicians.


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