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Pests don’t belong in your Monroe home or business; it’s as simple as that. Protect your property from all kinds of area pests with the help of the pest professionals here at Aruza Pest Control. We focus on providing high-quality pest control services to protect your Monroe residential or commercial property from pest problems year-round. With over 20 years of combined pest control experience, you can depend on the pest experts at Aruza Pest Control to cover all of your specific pest control needs. If pests such as ants, crickets, flies, rodents, termites, spiders, or mosquitoes are causing problems in and around your Monroe property, turn to Aruza Pest Control for immediate pest control solutions. We provide exceptional pest control services that cover your pest control needs to improve your quality of life. 

Home Pest Control In Monroe, NC

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It can be difficult to relax when pests invade your Monroe home. Invading pests can cause unnecessary stress and frustration, spread diseases, and damage your property.

The only way to keep pests away from your residential property is by implementing an effective home pest control plan from Aruza Pest Control. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, insects, spiders, or other pests, you can depend on the professionals here at Aruza Pest Control to provide quality year-round pest control services.

We are committed to finding the right solution for your specific pest problems. Our residential pest control process includes thorough inspections, coverage of a wide variety of common pests, and eco-friendly treatment options. At Aruza Pest Control, we have what it takes to identify and eliminate pests before they have the opportunity to disrupt your peace of mind.

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Commercial Pest Control In Monroe, NC

Owning a business isn’t easy, but it can be a rewarding and profitable investment. Pests such as flies, rodents, and cockroaches are capable of putting the success of your Monroe business at risk. When it comes to protecting your commercial property from pests, It’s crucial to implement a zero-tolerance policy. At Aruza Pest Control, we make it our primary goal to protect your business and investments from the wide range of pests that live in our area. Our licensed pest professionals will work with you to identify pest threats in and around your property and develop a customized commercial pest control plan to eliminate them. We understand that every Monroe business is unique, which is why we tailor all of our pest control plans to meet your individual needs. Don’t wait for pests to scare away your customers and threaten your investments. Instead, contact Aruza Pest Control today for immediate assistance with your commercial pest control problems. 

Why You Need Mosquito Reduction Services In Monroe, NC

Mosquitoes are common pests that are active from late spring into early fall. The warm, humid climate here in Monroe provides mosquitoes with the perfect environment to thrive, breed, and lay their eggs. When you spend time in your backyard, the last thing you want to have to deal with is mosquitoes. They’re annoying, they leave itchy red bites on your skin, and they can transmit a wide range of dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading the West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, dengue, eastern equine encephalitis, chikungunya, and more. 
If you have an abundance of mosquitoes around your Monroe property, contact the pest technicians at Aruza Pest Control for effective mosquito reduction services. Our mosquito reduction service is a monthly service available between April and October when mosquito activity is at its highest. At Aruza Pest Control, we begin our mosquito reduction process by inspecting your Monroe property to identify sources of standing water and potential mosquito breeding sites. Once the inspection is complete, we provide our two-part mosquito treatment that prevents eggs from hatching and eliminates all mosquitoes currently resting on your lawn. To avoid mosquito problems and enjoy your yard again, reach out to Aruza Pest Control today. 

Avoid Termite Damage In Your Monroe, NC Home

Here in Monroe, termites are common wood-destroying insects that can invade your property at any point throughout the year. One of the best things you can do to avoid attracting termites to your property is to implement a few termite prevention tips:

  • Remove water-damaged wood from your property.

  • Ensure your gutters and downspouts are working correctly and diverting water away from your home.

  • Eliminate possible entry points, such as gaps around your foundation, doors, and windows.

  • Remove decaying wooden materials such as logs and stumps from your lawn.

  • Repair dripping pipes and faucets to eliminate sources of excess moisture. 

Although termite prevention tips can be helpful, the best way to control and eliminate termites is with the help of a trained professional. Don’t hesitate to contact Aruza Pest Control today for termite control that will help with removing and preventing termite infestations.


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