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Located less than ten miles north of Raleigh, the town of Wake Forest, NC, has it all. We have a vibrant downtown, and a hometown feel, offering benefits of both small town and city living. However, we also have pest activity. Pests pose a year-round threat to Wake Forest property owners, putting our homes and businesses at risk for experiencing pest infestation. In order to protect yourself, you should rely on the pest professionals at Aruza Pest Control.
We have been providing eco-friendly pest solutions throughout Franklin and Wake counties, and the surrounding areas, since 2016. Our team is composed of certified pest professionals with over 20 years of combined industry experience. We are proud to service both residential and commercial properties across the greater Charlotte metro area, providing eco-friendly, general pest control services, as well as fully organic options for termite treatments, rodent control, mosquito reduction, and other services. Call us today to get your quote, and we’ll get started right away.

Residential Pest Control In Wake Forest, NC

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In order to effectively guard your Wake Forest home from household pest infestation, look no further than the team at Aruza Pest Control. Our team of certified pest experts is experienced in the accurate identification and effective elimination of all pest activity. Once we’ve identified all pest activity and harborage areas, we will develop a customized home protection plan to fit your needs. Some of our residential services include:
We use power sprays and spot treatments to treat the area, and prevent pests from returning.
After treatment, we come back for follow-up service 4-6 weeks later to eliminate newly hatched pests.
Then, our team will come back for follow up every 2-3 months for ongoing maintenance services.
We pride ourselves on providing dependable residential pest control solutions that local homeowners can depend on throughout the year. Our team has serviced over 8,000 households, leaving local residents happy with pest-free conditions they can feel good about. Reach out to today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Wake Forest

When pests infest your Wake Forest commercial facility, it can have detrimental effects for your business, your employees, your customers, your inventory, and your good name. That’s why we strongly recommend securing professional pest control services. Here at Aruza Pest Control, we provide year-round coverage to a variety of commercial properties including warehouses, storage facilities, office buildings, and apartments
After a thorough inspection by one of our certified pest experts, we make our initial service visit, which covers both the interior and exterior of your business. Our treatments are always environmentally conscious, and we offer complete organic pest control services that are 100% effective and eco-friendly. Once treatment is completed, we’ll come back for follow-up to keep you guarded moving forward. Should pests return, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for your protection. Call us today to learn more about our commercial pest services.

Do House Flies In Wake Forest Carry Diseases?

House flies are small pests, but they can cause some big problems. While the common house fly may not sting or bite, they can transmit pathogens and bacteria, which can lead to a long list of diseases. House flies travel through the trash, landing on feces and rotting food. Then, they bring these contaminants into your property, exposing you and everyone on the premises the adverse health reactions.
Some of the diseases that can result from fly infestation include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis. There are at least 65 diseases that can be transmitted through flies, so fly control is something that should be seriously considered for your Wake Forest home property.
For comprehensive year-round protection from house flies, and the health conditions that come with them, reach out to Aruza Pest Control today. We’re here to rid your property of house flies, and keep them away moving forward. Get in touch with us to discuss your house fly control and prevention needs today. We look forward to protecting you from pests throughout the year.  

Three Most Effective Ways Of Reducing Mosquitoes In Wake Forest

Mosquitoes are small, and you never know when they’re going to bite. As vector pests, they can transmit a number of serious diseases through their bite, so you’re going to want to do everything you can to avoid them on your property. Here are three methods of prevention to put in place:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water, preventing it from collecting in buckets, tires, pet bowls, etc.

  • Install screens in all doors and windows; repair any damaged or ripped screens.

  • Wear insect repellent outdoors, and wear clothing treated with DEET and/or permethrin.

If you want guaranteed mosquito control services from a team of qualified pest experts, call Aruza Pest Control today. We will accurately detect all mosquito activity, breeding sites and conducive conditions, and then we’ll implement the proper treatment to eliminate them from the property completely. Reach out to us today to discuss your mosquito control and prevention needs.


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