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Avoiding pest problems in and around your Burlington property isn’t easy, but it can be when you partner with Aruza Pest Control. We design our residential and commercial pest control services to identify and eliminate pest problems at their source. If you have a pest problem, the professionals here at Aruza Pest Control can solve it. Through the use of advanced pest treatments and high-quality services, we keep Burlington homes and businesses free of pests year-round. Our licensed pest technicians are ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs. Give us a call today for more information about how we can protect your property from pests.

Home Pest Control In Burlington, NC

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There’s no denying that pests don’t belong in your Burlington home. Not only are pests a nuisance to deal with, but they can also damage your property and threaten the health of you and your family.

The best defense against destructive and disease-spreading pests is comprehensive home solutions from Aruza Pest Control. Our certified experts provide the most effective treatment and prevention methods available. If you want to get rid of roaches, rodents, spiders, wasps, or any other pests, Aruza Pest Control has your back.

We offer fully organic services in addition to our eco-friendly home pest control options. Our goal is to keep both your Burlington property and the environment protected. Reach out to our skilled and knowledgeable pest experts today to ask about all of the home pest control options we have to offer.

Commercial Pest Control In Burlington, NC

Your business shouldn’t be a home for pests. Unfortunately, many businesses provide everything pests need to thrive: food, water, and shelter. Pest infestations can lead to damage, disease, contamination, and disturbed customers. The best way to keep pests away from your Burlington property year-round is to invest in commercial pest control services from Aruza Pest Control. Our certified technicians have what it takes to identify, eliminate, and prevent problems at their source. Because we know that every business industry is unique, we offer customized commercial treatments. We design these options to meet your specific needs. We’ll take care of your pest problems so you can focus on the needs of your customers. Partner with Aruza Pest Control today and get the pest control services you deserve!

Problems Moisture Cause In Burlington, NC Homes

Over time, moisture tends to creep into the crawl spaces and wall voids of your home. It might be easy to dismiss a bit of excess moisture and condensation as no big deal. However, it’s essential to understand that even a small amount of moisture in your crawl spaces can lead to severe problems in your home.

Some of the problems that excess moisture can cause include:

  • Damaged wooden structures

  • Rot

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Attracted pests

  • Reduced air quality

  • Poor health

The most effective way to keep your home moisture-free is with moisture control services from Aruza Pest Control. Our goal is to ensure you don’t have to deal with the problems improper moisture control can cause. We offer several solutions, including crawlspace clean-outs, dry zone encapsulation, and dehumidifier installation. If you need complete solutions for your moisture problems, we can help. Contact Aruza Pest Control today to get started!

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Burlington, NC

Termites are social insects capable of inflicting serious damage to your property. Although these tiny insects are not a concern to your health or safety, they are a major threat to the structural integrity of your home or business. Some termite infestations go undetected for months or even years. Termites are silent-destroyers, with many undiscovered infestations until significant damage has occurred. If left undetected, termites can cause damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

To avoid attracting termites to your Burlington home or business, implement a few of these termite prevention tips:

  • Remove dead or decaying wood from your lawn, including sticks, woodpiles, logs, and stumps.

  • Repair leaking pipes, drains, and faucets.

  • Cut thick vegetation away from your foundation to allow the sun to dry up excess moisture.

  • Eliminate other sources of excess moisture.

  • Inspect your property regularly for signs of termite activity, such as swarmers and mud tubes.

  • Seal possible entry points around your foundation, doors, and windows.

Termites are destructive pests that must be dealt with immediately to prevent serious property damage. At Aruza Pest Control, we offer several termite control and prevention options. These include free termite inspections, effective termite treatments, and more. Give our licensed pest technicians a call today to learn more about all of our termite control solutions.


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