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Did you know that 40% of the air you breathe comes from your crawl space? Let us help keep you safe!

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💰 Potential Savings on Each Energy Bill
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Prevents Fungi & Bacteria
Fungus and bacteria in the crawl space can lead to rotting wood and reduced integrity.
Removes Nasty Odors
A humid and fungal crawl space can make the rest of your home smell like mildew.
Brings more Efficient Heating & Cooling
A clogged flow of air can lead to you using more energy to effectively heat and cool your home.
Prolongs the Lifespan of HVAC Systems
Systems that have to work twice as hard get run down just as fast. Save money in the long run!
professional rodent exclusions tailored for every home

Your family deserves to breathe fresh air.

The integrity of your home starts in the crawl space. The air you breathe and the foundation of your family’s home rests on the stability of this environment.

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Vent Replacements

Your Guide to Crawl Space Vents

Let's talk about a part of the house we often overlook – the crawl space vents. It's time to delve into what these vents do, how to know if they need replacing or repairing, and why they matter:

What's exactly do crawl space vents do?

These vents may look simple, but they do a huge job. Specifically, they control airflow and moisture with sizes and locations tailored for your home.

When should you replace your vents?

Not all vents are designed to last forever. So, when is it time for crawl space vent replacement?

  • See Any Rust or Damage? Yep, that's a big big biiiiiig red flag.
  • Feeling a Draft? Poor airflow might mean it is replacement time.
  • Unwanted Critters Around? Damaged vents can let pests sneak in and take over your crawl space.

Maybe you just need a repair?

If things aren't too bad, a simple crawl space vent repair might be recommended and could do the trick:

  • A Little Crack Here and There: Sealing would likely do the trick here.
  • Vents Off Track? Realignment might solve the issue - fixing efficiency loss.

Sealing your vents during the Winter:

Is Winter fast approaching? Crawl space vent sealing can be your friend.

  • Keep the Cold Out: Sealing vents in winter keeps the cold air out of the crawlspace which can warm your home.
  • Stay Dry: Sealing also helps keep moisture in control and at-bay - thereby strengthening the overall integrity of your crawl space further.

Insulation: Your Energy-Saving Buddy

Thinking of savings? Crawl space vent insulation is the way to go:

  • Lower Bills, More Smiles: Insulation keeps the warm in and the cold out - reducing the energy required to warm the home.
  • Constant Temperature: Enjoy a steady, comfortable home temperature... nobody likes to go from hot to cold to hot to cold all night.

How About Vent Covers?

Crawl space vent covers aren't just for show:

  • Block the Mess: These covers stop debris and animals or pests from getting in.
  • Add Some Flair: Choose covers that complement your home's look - possibly adding more curb appeal and texture to your home's facade.

What's the Price Tag?

Crawl space vent cost isn't just spending; it's investing in the integrity of your home:

  • Raise Your Home Value: Proper ventilation setup makes your home better - this adds value.
  • Save in the Long Run: No more moisture troubles and wasted energy, this investment can quite literally pay itself off eventually over the course of your energy bills.

Need Some Help? Call the Pros!

Going pro has its perks, when you work with Aruza, you can trust us for the following:

  • Right on the Money: Our professionals know the perfect vent size and location.
  • First Time's the Charm: Our expert technicians get it right: from the start.

Ready to take the next step? Give us a ring for an inspection or quote. We'll make sure your home stays cozy and efficient, just the way you like it. Whether it's a full-on replacement or a quick fix, we've got your back. Your crawl space will thank you!

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