Clover Mite Identification & Prevention

What are clover mites?

One of the more common types of landscape feeding pests, clover mites are tiny organisms that belong to the arachnid family. They use their specialized piercing mouthparts to feed on the juices of clover, grasses and other types of lawn plants. Only the size of a pinhead these pests are able to cause big problems in yards and homes because they congregate together in large groups.

clover mite on a rock

An adult clover mite has an oval-shaped body and eight legs with the two front legs being much larger in size than the others. These large front legs are often confused with being antennae which they lack. Clover mites are usually red in color but are also brown or green depending on their species and diet.

Are clover mites dangerous?

Described as occasional invaders, clover mites are not a dangerous pest, despite feeding on grass and plants they don't cause any lasting damage. Though not dangerous, these tiny pests cause aesthetic issues when they find their way inside a home. Due to their tiny size, these pests move easily inside of homes through tiny cracks and crevices in exterior walls. Once inside they become crushed, leaving behind red stains on walls, curtains, floors, and furniture.

Why do I have a clover mite problem?

In the spring after newly hatched clover mites emerge from overwintering sites, they like to gather together. Seeking warmth, clover mites often choose the warm sunny sides of homes and other structures to gather. As they move up the sides of structures, they find their way inside through tiny openings that are difficult for homeowners to detect.

Where will I find clover mites?

Feeding clover mites live in yards, parks, athletic fields, and other grassy areas. Clover mites overwinter as eggs, and common overwintering locations include the cracks of sidewalks, in the soil next to foundations, and behind tree bark. All of the locations incubating eggs throughout the winter exist in residential areas thus leading to problems once spring arrives.  

How do I get rid of clover mites?

If you are looking for clover mite control in the Charlotte area, turn to the local and experienced professionals at Aruza Pest Control. We offer comprehensive residential pest control, commercial pest management, superior customer service, and the peace of mind of guaranteed services! Our eco-friendly solutions solve current pest problems and keep them from returning. For home and business owners wanting to protect their property from clover mites, turn to the pest control specialists at Aruza Pest Control!

How can I prevent clover mites in the future?

Clover mites live and breed outside and are difficult to keep out of your yard. However, with the help of the specialists at Aruza Pest Control and the following prevention tips, your yard will be protected against clover mites.

  • Inspect your home’s foundation and exterior walls, caulk any small crack or crevice you discover- remember clover mites are tiny!

  • Place weather-stripping around windows and doors.

  • Seal spaces around utilities entering into your property.

  • Create an 18-20 inch crushed stone barrier between any grass and your home’s foundation.

  • Cut back weeds and overgrown vegetation back away from your home’s foundation.

If you have questions or concerns regarding clover mites on your property, our experts at Aruza pest can help.


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