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Millipede Identification & Prevention

What are millipedes?

Millipedes are arthropods that live in damp locations feeding on and helping to break down organic matter. When the weather is unsuitable, they will move inside, searching for a place to live. Millipedes have rigid, wormlike bodies that are segmented and range from brown to black; some have orange-colored markings or mottled patterns. Millipedes have two pairs of legs per body segment. The common and garden millipede is the most abundant species living throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

several millipedes crawling on the ground outside of a home in charlotte north carolina

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes are harmless pests that pose no real threat to people and don’t cause property damage. However, handling millipedes is not recommended because they can secrete a liquid that causes blisters to develop on the skin.

Why do I have a millipede problem?

Millipedes usually live happily outside; however, during periods of heavy rain or drought conditions, they migrate into homes and other buildings in large numbers. They typically get in through spaces in the foundation and under basement doors.

Where will I find millipedes?

Millipedes live outside in dark, damp areas. They burrow into the soil under mulch, stones, landscape ties, logs, piles of leaves and grass, and under trash cans or compost bins. As their name suggests, greenhouse millipedes are common invaders into greenhouses. When they find their way inside a structure, millipedes seek out basements, crawlspaces, and areas under sinks in kitchens and bathrooms to hide. They also invade potted plants but only cause damage to plants that are decaying.

How do I get rid of millipedes?

If you are looking for pest control in the Johns Island, SC area, turn to the local and experienced pest professionals at Aruza Pest Control. We offer home and business owners the benefits of comprehensive pest control, superior customer service, and the peace of mind that comes with our guaranteed services. Our eco-friendly solutions solve current pest problems and keep them from returning. For home and business owners who want to protect their property from millipedes, contact Aruza Pest Control today!

How can I prevent millipedes in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, use the following tips to prevent millipedes on your property:

  • Repair any cracks, crevices, and gaps found in the foundation of your home.

  • Cut bushes and shrubs back from the exterior of your house.

  • Place door sweeps on basement doors.

  • Fix leaky pipes.

  • Use dehumidifiers to keep the basement dry.

  • Store garbage cans, compost bins, and woodpiles up off the ground.

  • Place a crushed rock or rubber mulch barrier between the exterior of your home and any soil or mulch.


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