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Spider Identification & Prevention

What are spiders?

A spider’s physical characteristics include two body regions, eight legs, and no antennae or wings. Depending on the species, they will have three or four pairs of eyes. Spiders are predators and feed on insects, other spiders, and even small animals. Spiders do not have chewing mouthparts; instead, they use special digestive enzymes in their saliva to break down the prey before consuming it. While no one wants spiders living on their property in large numbers, spiders are eco-important pests and help control the populations of nuisance and garden pests.

a cellar spider crawling inside of a home in charleston south carolina

Are spiders dangerous?

The good news is that most species of spiders living across the United States are harmless. Nuisance spiders make up the majority of the spider world. All spiders possess venom, but the venom of nuisance spiders is only strong enough to paralyze insects and other spiders, not strong enough to cause health problems in most people. Dangerous spiders are those spiders that have venom potent enough to trigger health problems in people.

Why do I have a spider problem?

Almost any property has the food and shelter sources necessary to keep spiders happy. Gardens, tall grass, woodpiles, shrubs, bushes, and trees make great hideouts for spiders and prey. Many spiders live out in nature away from people, but just as many live near homes and other structures. If your home has many openings in its exterior walls, spiders will eventually find their way inside, usually while following their prey. Spiders also get into homes on plants, firewood, and storage boxes.

Where will I find spiders?

Indoors, spiders also choose quiet areas to hide like basements, closets, attics, under sinks, and furniture. Outside, spiders choose dark, quiet places to build their webs or burrows. They are reclusive by nature and want to stay out of sight as much as possible. Common hiding spots for spiders include the following:

  • Shrubs and bushes

  • Woodpiles and fallen trees

  • Under decks

  • In gardens and tall grass

  • Under roof eaves or behind window shutters

  • In doorways and rafters

How do I get rid of spiders?

If you are looking for pest control in the Goose Creek, SC area, turn to the local and experienced pest professionals at Aruza Pest Control. We offer home and business owners the benefits of comprehensive pest control, superior customer service, and the peace of mind that comes with our guaranteed services. Our eco-friendly solutions solve current pest problems and keep them from returning. For home and business owners who want to protect their property from spiders, contact Aruza Pest Control today!

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, use the following tips to prevent spiders on your property:

  • Cut back tree branches, shrubs, and bushes away from the exterior of your home.

  • Regularly dust and remove spider webs from your home.

  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are free of debris.

  • Find and eliminate any entry points into your house.

  • Regularly vacuum your house, including under furniture.

  • Remove excess debris and woodpiles from your property.

  • Replace white outdoor lightbulbs with yellow or LED bulbs, which are less attractive to insects.


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