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Mosquito Reduction
Mosquitoes are a common problem in Charlotte, NC, and throughout the Southeast. Not only are they annoying, but they are also dangerous. Luckily, you don't have to hide inside! With our effective mosquito reduction service Aruza Pest Control can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. Click to learn more!


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Moisture Control
If left unchecked, moisture problems can cause severe respiratory problems for your family members and costly damage to your home. Our moisture control services will ensure that moisture won't be a recurring problem for your Charlotte, NC, area property. Find out more about the several moisture control options Aruza Pest Control offers! Click to learn more!


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TAP Insulation
What if there was a way to prevent our area's toughest pests at the source of entry and harborage? With Aruza Pest Control's TAP Insulation Service, there is! It provides pest protection, increased energy efficiency, fire resistance, and even acoustic control. Our professionals are happy to help keep your Charlotte, North Carolina property safe! Click to learn more!


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Termite Protection
They say the best offense is a great defense, which is true for termites. Aruza Pest Control has the effective termite protection you need for your Charlotte, NC, area property. Whether you have an active infestation or want to prevent termites from ever getting inside, termite protection is a must. Reach out to us today for all the details! Click to learn more!


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