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Eco-Friendly Flea Control For Charlotte Residents

Fleas can be a significant issue in Charlotte homes, with their life cycle starting from eggs and leading to disease-transmitting adults. They can spread various illnesses, from typhus to the plague. Aruza Pest Control offers natural treatments for these pests, ensuring homes stay safe without using harmful chemicals.

Life is filled with little irritants that are harmless by themselves but dangerous in large quantities, and one of those irritants is fleas. One or two aren't necessarily too terrible, but a full-blown flea infestation can be hazardous to the health of your household, pets, and all. Aruza Pest Control provides excellent natural flea treatments if you need pest control in Charlotte. Still, if you're looking for extra insight on fleas and how to prevent them from infesting your home, we have plenty of information to offer on flea control and prevention.

The Life Cycle Of Fleas In Charlotte

The flea life cycle starts as a tiny white egg, roughly the size of a grain of salt, and then hatches as a larva that's between two to five millimeters in length. These larvae will spend their days scavenging for flea waste known as "flea dirt", nonviable eggs, or other injured or sickly larvae until they're ready to reach the pupa stage which can take between five and 20 days. Flea pupae can lie dormant for up to nine months if a viable host isn't detected in that time – increase in CO2 levels, vibrations, and the presence of body heat. Once a host has been detected in their vicinity, they emerge from their cocoons, ready to taste their first blood meal. Flea life cycles may not be glamorous, but they are certainly fascinating.

The Diseases Fleas In Charlotte Can Transmit

Fleas tend to pick up some nasty diseases as they feed on different hosts, which can become extremely hazardous for us, while it isn't much of a problem for them. These diseases remain present in the flea's saliva, so when they feed on their next unsuspecting host, they pass them into the bloodstream:

  • Typhus
  • Cat scratch fever
  • Tapeworms (if ingested)
  • Plague
  • Tularemia
  • Tungiasis
  • Mycoplasma haemofelis
  • Flea-borne spotted fever

Natural Flea Prevention Tips For Charlotte Homes

Nobody wants to deal with a flea infestation in their home, but if you're not careful, your Charlotte home could become overrun before you even know there's a problem. Aruza Pest Control offers all-natural preventative treatments as well as flea control, but to stay on the safe side, it's always best to take a few precautions yourself:

  • Always take new pets to the vet for evaluations and flea treatments
  • Make sure your current pets stay on a scheduled flea treatment plan
  • Rodents can also bring fleas into homes, so seal up potential entry points around the exterior home
  • Practice proper food storage to keep rodents away – store food in airtight containers and never leave food or dirty dishes sitting out overnight
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all indoor and outdoor trash cans
  • Mow the lawn regularly and remove any lawn debris

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Charlotte Home For Good

Fleas are tenacious little pests that are tough to eliminate, so store-bought products just won't cut it with them, especially if you're looking for a green alternative. Paired with regularly scheduled flea and tick treatments from your veterinarian, our pest control experts at Aruza Pest Control provide the best natural flea treatments in Charlotte. We offer comprehensive prevention and extermination plans that are affordable for any budget and environmentally and family-friendly. You shouldn't trade dangerous pests for harmful chemicals, and with us, you won't have to, so get in contact with us today to schedule your first appointment.

Ian Gunn

Graduated from UNC Charlotte, Ian Gunn is an expert in all things pest. After receiving his bachelors of science, he got a job offer with Aruza Pest Control and assists with marketing, networking, and occasionally doing some pest control of his own!

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