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June 28, 2023

Fire Ants In Charlotte Can Be A Real Nuisance

Fire ants can be a nuisance and pose a threat with their painful stings. Identifying them by their distinctive red color and stinger is crucial for effective fire ant control. If bitten, immediate action is essential to minimize reactions, and seeking medical attention is necessary in severe cases. Aruza Pest Control provides five prevention tips to combat fire ants, including fixing moisture issues, keeping yards clean, removing food sources, and sealing entry points. For guaranteed and professional fire ant treatment, trust the experts at Aruza Pest Control to make your property fire ant-free.

Encountering fire ants on your Charlotte property can be a significant nuisance, especially if you receive a fire ant sting. Fortunately, pest control in Charlotte can help you understand how to get rid of fire ants with effective and safe fire ant control methods.

fire ant mound

Are These Fire Ants?

If you’ve never encountered fire ants before, you are likely wondering, “what are fire ants?” To help you understand what this pest is and what they look like, you can use the below list of identifiers to determine whether or not you are dealing with this stinging pest.

  • Fire ants have a distinctive red body coloration. This can range from reddish-brown to a reddish-black color.
  • Fire ants have a stinger on the bottom of their abdomen; this is how they inject venom into their victims.
  • Fire ants typically build their nests outdoors in open, sunny areas.
  • Fire ant mounds are dome-shaped and can grow quite large. Most nests range between 10 and 24 inches across and 6 to 18 inches high.

What To Do If A Fire Ant Bites You

When bitten by a fire ant, you should immediately slap this pest off of your body and kill the ant. This prevents being stung multiple times. After the fire ant is gone, wash the bitten area with cold water and soap. Reactions to fire ant bites range from a mild local reaction (such as itching or swelling) to a full-blown allergic reaction and anaphylaxis in specific individuals. The more fire ant bites you receive, the greater the chance for an extreme reaction.

To treat local itching and swelling, you can use an ointment such as hydrocortisone on the bitten area and take an oral antihistamine to reduce the chance of allergic reactions. If you experience excessive pain, swelling, trouble breathing, or difficulty swallowing after being bitten by a fire ant, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Five Fire Ant Prevention Tips

These fire ant prevention tips can help you combat this pest and deter them from setting up nests around your yard:

  1. Native to warm and tropical climates, fire ants prefer to build their mounds where the soil is slightly moist, and has plenty of sunlight. Fix moisture issues around your home and yard to make the area less desirable for fire ants.
  2. Keep your yard clear of debris, such as leaf litter and fallen branches, and ensure the grass stays trimmed to stop ants from moving in.
  3. Reduce access to outdoor compost piles and trash cans, as the aroma may attract fire ants into your yard.
  4. Remove outdoor pet food and keep it indoors, as fire ants love to feast on pet food due to their omnivore nature.
  5. Seal up entry points around your home that fire ants may invade, such as gaps around windows, doors, utility areas, and the foundation.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants For Good

The most effective fire ant treatment isn’t a DIY product you buy at the store – it's assistance from the professionals at Aruza Pest Control. With the help of our experts inspecting your property and working to fight fire ants around your home, you can be sure that this pest is taken care of in no time and that you are safe to spend time in your yard without the risk of being stung.

Kayla Fitzwilliam

Still studying at Clemson University, Kayla joined Aruza for a brief internship where she learned about pest control and helped develop content for the company. Kayla is passionate and continues to exceed expectations wherever she goes.

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