Four Simple Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Charlotte Property

May 28, 2021

Many people would agree that flying insects are the most annoying amongst pests. They persistently hover over food and buzz around your ears. It puts a damper on outdoor fun, to say the least. Being inside won’t necessarily spare you, either. These kinds of critters invade homes and businesses frequently, so being proactive about prevention is a must. Several species are challenging to manage because they procreate quickly and gather in hard-to-reach spots. Another concern is the transmission of disease, which is the case with mosquitoes.

mosquitoes on a human finger in charlotte

Mosquitoes are a critical medical threat, according to health professionals and experts. There’s a strong chance you could become ill after being bitten by one. These bugs go back and forth between humans and animals, biting them and absorbing blood. You’d be lucky if getting a red and itchy skin bump is all that happens. Use these four tips from Aruza Pest Control to ward off mosquitoes in Charlotte.

Tip #1 Take Care of the Yard  

Your yard can be a haven for mosquitoes, as it will likely be rich with moisture and nectar. These are elements the insects require for survival. Lawn maintenance is an essential part of prevention protocols. Bushes, shrubs, and grass should be trimmed down regularly. Flowers and plants will need clipping as well. Place greenery two feet or more away from your property. Be sure to get rid of organic debris on the lawn when you’re done. Next, wash out the vents and gutters. Do this often. If you have mosquito traps, clean them.

Key facts about mosquitoes are:

  • They range in size from 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long

  • They have scaly bodies and wings  

  • They have very thin legs and pronounced noses 

  • Only female mosquitoes drink blood because it’s needed for egg production

  • Sunset is when the bugs begin to be active

Tip #2 Don’t Have a Lot of Standing Water

As mentioned previously, water is fundamental to a mosquito’s sustenance. This is especially true for females during reproduction. Organisms from the liquid are withdrawn by larvae. If your home or business is in close proximity to a lake, river, meadow, or similar, be on the lookout for these pests. Make an effort to reduce standing water on your property by doing things like drying pet drinking bowls and draining swimming pools.

Tip #3 Get Candles

Candles that are made of essential oils have more than one use. Yes, they provide mood lighting and give off calming aromas, but that’s not all. Their properties can repel mosquitoes. For some reason, the irritating bugs cannot stand the ingredients. 
Windows and doors that are open are typically how mosquitoes get inside domiciles and establishments. You’re liable to find them in closets, as they prefer dark spaces with low-traffic. Areas that are damp or have a water source are of course an attraction. Basement sinks and laundry rooms are examples.

Tip #4 Contact Aruza Pest Control

If you neglect to put energy into mosquito deterrence, you or someone else could have:

  • Intense skin irritation 

  • Extreme skin swelling or inflammation

  • Zika virus

  • Encephalitis

  • West Nile Virus

There are limitations to the described avenues, such as the carbon monoxide from burning candles can entice mosquitoes. Commercial items can be too weak or noxious. The industrial-grade solutions available at Aruza Pest Control will safely get the job done. Our treatments are eco-friendly, so your vegetation won’t be harmed. Only experienced technicians are employed by us; you can expect quality care. Our affordable services are comprehensive and guaranteed. When you call us today at Aruza Pest Control you’ll be offered a free quote!

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