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How Dangerous Are The Termites In Charlotte?

Termites, referred to as "silent destroyers," can wreak havoc in Charlotte homes, causing structural damage while remaining undetected. These insects, ranging in species from Eastern subterranean to Formosan subterranean, can also trigger allergies due to their shedding, droppings, and dust. Signs of an infestation include discarded wings, mud tubes, and uneven bubbling paint, prompting the need for professional services like Aruza Pest Control for prevention and management.

Termites are known for their bad reputation. Known as "silent destroyers," termites can go unnoticed for extended periods, causing a range of damage to the structure of your property. Although multiple species of termites can be found in Charlotte, North Carolina, such as Eastern subterranean termites and Formosan subterranean termites, they have similar features to differentiate them from other pests.

a cluter of termites infesting a home

Identifying Termites

Within colonies, termites take on different roles, such as workers, soldiers, and alates. Each has a specific job, and because of this, they have various features. For example, alates are swarming termites and have large wings. On the other hand, workers are soft-bodied and have no wings. Termites are small insects and are usually a light cream color but can vary from species to species.

Termites can live up to two years, and with the queen's rapid reproduction rate, their colony can grow in numbers quickly. Termites have a three-stage lifecycle, eggs, nymphs, and larvae. Through the larvae stage, the termites come into their colony roles.

Dangers of Termites

Termites are most known for their destructive nature. They don't transmit diseases to humans as other pests can, however, they can trigger allergies. Over their lifespans, termites shed multiple times, leave droppings, and produce dust. These are all factors that can trigger allergies and cause symptoms such as:

  • Irritated eyes
  • Itchy skin
  • Sneezing and coughing 
  • Asthma attacks

In addition to the damage they can cause to your North Carolina home, it is dangerous to live in a house infested with termites. They can cause severe allergic reactions, especially in people who already have asthma.

Signs of Termites in you Charlotte Home

Termites don't always nest inside a home. Instead, they build their nests underground and travel to gather wood and other cellulose materials to consume. The following is a list of signs that you might have termites living on your property:

  • Swarmer termites drop discarded wings.
  • Mud tubes are usually found on the exterior of buildings. This is how termites get from their nests to their food source.
  • Uneven paint that appears to be bubbling can be an indication of termites working away at wood and drywall.
  • Some termites may leave droppings that almost look like a pile of salt and pepper.

Unfortunately, unless you come across swarmer termites as they search for a place to build a new nest, or their discarded wings, you may not know your home has been infested with termites before they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. However, you can attempt to prevent termites by taking several precautions.

Termite Prevention

First, you want to eliminate access to your home. To do this, you must seal up exterior cracks and gaps. You also want to reduce wood-to-ground contact as subterranean termites build their nests below ground.

Second, you can reduce moisture by fixing leaking pipes and checking to make sure there is no wood damage around leaks and floods. Although some termites are attracted to dry wood, excess moisture can attract most termite species.

Third, you should reduce food sources. Now, you may be thinking, how can I do that when my home is made out of wood? Well, termites are not just attracted to wood, but cellulose, which is a plant-based material. By reducing plant-based materials in your home and adequately storing woodpiles, you can discourage termites.

Last, you can contact professionals for yearly maintenance and inspections of your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

Help From The Termite Experts

If you do spot signs of termites in your Charlotte home, the best thing to do is contact the professionals at Aruza Pest Control right away. At Aruza Pest Control, we care about our customers' health and safety, which is why we use eco-friendly products and work with our clients to create a plan best for their homes. Please don't wait to rid your home of termites; contact our reliable Charlotte exterminators today!

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