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The Key To Effective Centipede & Millipede Control In Charlotte

Centipedes and millipedes can be startling pests for Charlotte homeowners due to their long bodies and numerous legs. While not highly dangerous, they can cause discomfort and emit odorous fluids. Identifying centipedes and millipedes can be challenging due to their similar appearances, but their leg positioning distinguishes them. Preventive measures include removing hiding spots, keeping plants away from the house, sealing entry points, and addressing other pest infestations. For effective removal and prevention, trust the expert exterminators at Aruza Pest Control, offering reliable home pest control services to keep monstrous critters out of Charlotte homes.

If there’s one pest that every Charlotte homeowner is surprised to see, it’s centipedes and millipedes. These monstrous insects are always a shock, and with their long bodies and many legs, Charlotte residents want these pests out as quickly as possible.

a centipede crawling on the ground

Unfortunately, some properties end up with infestations of these gargantuan creatures. To learn more about these many-legged critters, let’s talk about what attracts centipedes and millipedes to your Charlotte home, and what you can do to prevent them.

Identification Guide For Centipedes & Millipedes

Even for insects, centipedes and millipedes are pretty freaky. Although they have similar appearances, they actually aren’t that closely related as insects, despite being attracted to many similar things.

Both centipedes and millipedes have long, sectioned bodies, with a pair of legs supporting each section. Both insects have tubular bodies, a pair of antennae, and they tend to crowd around dark, moist spaces.

However, the two insects aren’t identical, and you can tell which pest you’re dealing with based on their legs. Centipedes have long, bent legs that jut out from their bodies. Millipedes, by contrast, have thin legs that are directly underneath their bodies.

Some people might think you can count the legs to determine which pest you’re dealing with, but the leg count for these pests overlap. Centipedes have anywhere from 30-354 legs; millipedes, by contrast, have between 24-750. Clearly, there’s a lot of overlap, and too many legs to count with these gross pests moving around.

Problems Caused By Centipedes & Millipedes

Despite being ugly, these pests are not highly dangerous. Centipedes and millipedes are mostly nuisance pests, meaning they cause some discomfort but will not seriously harm your home or health.

Centipedes are considered both carnivorous and venomous, as these insects feed on other insects. However, don’t let those words scare you – a centipede’s venom will not harm you. Millipedes don’t cause health issues either, although coming into contact with them can leave a mild rash on the skin.

Additionally, millipedes can be smelly, emitting an odorous fluid that can irritate the eyes and nose. Finally, millipedes can cause damage to your garden and plant life, chewing through flowers and laying eggs under leaves.

Centipede & Millipede Prevention Tips

Although these pests aren’t very dangerous, centipedes and millipedes can certainly give a fright to Charlotte property owners. There are a few things that make your home attractive to these pests, and by implementing these pest control strategies, you can keep these insects out.

  • Remove natural hiding spots around the house. Wood piles, gravel, and compost all provide dark, moist spaces for these pests to hide.
  • Try to keep plants away from your home. Millipedes and centipedes both crowd near plants in search of food, then move indoors after a storm or cold weather.
  • Seal the area around your home. This includes any cracks in your door frames, windows, vents, pipes, and even the chimney.
  • Make sure you don’t have any other infestations in your home. Since centipedes feed on other insects, their presence indoors may be a sign of something else lurking inside.

If these pests still make their way indoors, or if you discover another infestation while trying to clear centipedes and millipedes, contact the Charlotte, NC expert exterminators at Aruza Pest Control. We’ll give you the advice and assistance needed to keep these monstrous critters out. Schedule effective home pest control services today!

Kayla Fitzwilliam

Still studying at Clemson University, Kayla joined Aruza for a brief internship where she learned about pest control and helped develop content for the company. Kayla is passionate and continues to exceed expectations wherever she goes.

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