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The Trouble With Wasps In Charlotte

Wasps in Charlotte, including species like European paper wasps, Northern paper wasps, and Yellowjackets, can be a risk due to their aggressive nature and venomous stings. Homeowners can adopt several preventive measures such as maintaining cleanliness, trimming vegetation, and repairing cracks around the home. However, due to the risks involved in wasp removal, professional services from Aruza Pest Control are recommended.

Whether or not you're allergic, wasps can be dangerous pests to have around your home, making pest control in Charlotte all the more important to have. Even though wasps are incredibly beneficial to the environment, they're also territorial and aggressive when they feel threatened, making safe wasp removal crucial if you already have an infestation. Aruza Pest Control offers all-natural wasp removal services in Charlotte, and there are plenty of natural wasp prevention tips that you can implement on your own as well!

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What Do Wasps In Charlotte Look Like?

There are many different types of wasps in North America, but thankfully they're not all commonly found in Charlotte. For your home and property, there's only a handful of different types of wasps to look out for:

  • European paper wasps – often mistaken for yellow jackets, these wasps are ¾ of an inch long, black and yellow striped, and build aerial paper nests
  • Northern paper wasps – these are roughly one inch long, yellow with copper-colored stripes, and build aerial paper nests
  • Cicada killers – these solitary wasps are two inches long, black and orange striped, and burrow small nests in the ground
  • Yellowjackets – these are roughly ½ of an inch long, black and yellow striped, and build nests in ground cavities, tree cavities, and wall voids
  • Mud daubers – these solitary wasps can grow up to two inches long, can be black and yellow striped or metallic blue, and build small mud tubes on the sides of trees and buildings

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Charlotte?

Though it depends on the wasp species in question, most are incredibly aggressive and defensive of their nests. Species like mud daubers and cicada killers aren't as violent since they're solitary wasps without a queen to defend, but paper wasps and yellowjackets are relatively quick to agitate. They also possess venom in their stingers, and, unlike bees, they can sting multiple times. Allergy or not, getting attacked by an entire colony of wasps would send anyone to the hospital, which is why safe and effective wasp removal is always necessary in the event of an infestation.

Natural Wasp Prevention Tips For Charlotte Properties

At Aruza Pest Control, we believe effective pest control in Charlotte can still be environmentally-friendly, and we believe the same for wasp prevention! There are plenty of things you can do around your property to make it less attractive to wasps:

  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all outdoor trash cans
  • Make sure your soil is aerated to promote proper drainage
  • Clean up outdoor cooking and eating areas immediately after eating
  • Trim back unruly bushes and tree branches
  • Try not to over-water your garden areas, and limit the number of flowering plants you add to your garden
  • Fill in any ground holes around your property
  • Wasps won't nest within 500 feet of another wasp nest, so adding a fake wasp nest somewhere outside could help keep them away
  • Repair any cracks and holes around the exterior of your home – siding, roof, trim, and around window and door frames

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control In Charlotte

Considering how dangerous these pests are, it's never recommended that you attempt to eliminate an infestation on your own. Luckily, though, our pest experts at Aruza Pest Control provide Charlotte's best all-natural wasp removal service. We believe everyone deserves to experience the comfort of a pest-free home and property, which is why we keep our family-friendly pest treatments affordable for any price range! We also strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so get in contact with us today to discuss your options.

Ian Gunn

Graduated from UNC Charlotte, Ian Gunn is an expert in all things pest. After receiving his bachelors of science, he got a job offer with Aruza Pest Control and assists with marketing, networking, and occasionally doing some pest control of his own!

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