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What Does Termite Season Mean For Your Charleston Home?

Termites are taking flight in Charleston, and they are looking for their next big feast. Swarmers, the winged termites, are buzzing around homes seeking ideal places to establish their new colonies. What does this termite season mean for your Charleston home? Let's delve into this issue. Swarmers, a select group of termites bestowed with wings, are responsible for scouting and identifying new locations to build nests. Their duties involve inspecting wood for its suitability for harvesting and reproduction to populate their new colony. Unlike many pests, termites are mostly active throughout the year in Charleston, given our relatively temperate climate. Cold winters might slow them down but are unlikely to halt their activity completely. Swarmers can be a clear indication of a termite problem. If spotted outside your home, it suggests the presence of a mature colony nearby, which could pose a risk to your home. Swarmers inside your home indicate an existing termite infestation. It often takes years for homeowners to realize a termite infestation as these pests work silently. Signs like squeaking floorboards, bubbling wallpaper or paint, or stiff doors and windows might hint at a problem. Early detection can be aided by looking out for mud tubes, pencil-sized structures climbing up from the ground to structural wood on the exterior of homes. To accurately determine if your home is under a termite attack, professionals at Aruza Pest Control offer thorough inspections using the latest technology. Professional termite control services are the only guaranteed solution if you suspect or confirm a termite problem in your home. At Aruza Pest Control, we are equipped with effective methods to eliminate and deter termites. Our team of trained pest technicians is ready to assist you in solving your termite problems. Don't let your home fall victim to these destructive pests. Reach out to Aruza Pest Control today to explore our premier pest control services for your Charleston home. For reliable pest control services in Charleston, North Charleston, and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Termites have taken to the skies here in Charleston. Buzzing around homes, swarmers are looking for their next big meal. The question is, are they going to find your home to their liking? If you do not know much about termite season, we are here today with all of the information you will ever need. What does termite season mean for your Charleston home? Let’s find out now.

a termite swarmer crawling on a wooden table

What Are Termite Swarmers?

The good news is that not all termites can fly. Only a select few are given the gift of wings. We call these termites, swarmers. Of course, being a swarmer comes with a few responsibilities. First, swarmers must be able to scout and identify new locations to build nests. This mostly involves inspecting wood to make sure it is able to be easily harvested. The second thing swarmers have to be able to do is reproduce. Once a new location to build a nest has been found, swarmers will get right to producing members for their new colony.

How Long Does Termite Season Last?

Termite season is simply the time when termites are most active. Due to our generally temperate weather here in Charleston, termite season doesn’t really end. If winters get cold enough, termite activity might slow down for a bit, but the chances of it stopping entirely are very unlikely.

Swarmers: The First Sign Of A Problem

Termites are generally difficult pests to spot. This is mainly because when they aren’t flying they are either deep underground or hidden within a structure of wood. Thankfully, termite swarmers provide a great sign of termite problems nearby. If swarmers are spotted outside your home, you can assume there is a fully mature colony nearby. This does not directly mean your home is under attack, but just that it might be at risk. Seeing termite swarmers inside your home, however, is a direct sign of an existing termite infestation, as the most likely place they came from is through holes chewed through your walls.

Other Ways You Can Identify Termites

Very often, termite infestations go unnoticed within homes and it takes years for homeowners to know there is a problem. It usually isn’t until floorboards start squeaking, wallpaper and paint start bubbling, or doors and windows become harder to open and shut that people start to wonder if something might be wrong. To spot termites earlier, there is really only one thing besides swarmers you can look for, and that is mud tubes. These pencil-sized tubes often appear on the exterior of homes climbing from ground level up to structural wood.

If you want to know for certain if your home does or does not have a termite infestation, the professionals here at Aruza Pest Control would be happy to do a thorough inspection. Using only the latest technology, we can tell you for certain if your home is currently under attack by wood-destroying termites.

How To Deal With Termites

If you suspect or know your home has a current termite problem, there is only one guaranteed solution, and that is professional termite control services. At Aruza Pest Control, we know what methods work best to eliminate and deter termites from properties. Our team of trained pest technicians are standing by and ready to find your best solution to termite problems.

Don’t let your biggest investment fall victim to hungry wood destroyers. Give Aruza a call today and find out what premier pest control services could look like for your Charleston home. Give Aruza a call today for reliable pest control in Charleston, North Charleston and the surrounding areas.

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