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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Charlotte, North Carolina

As one of North Carolina’s major cities, it’s no wonder Charlotte attracts so many visitors from all over the world. Some of these visitors, however, are not so welcome. We’re talking about pests. Charlotte’s subtropical climate offers pests ideal conditions for feeding, breeding, and overall survival. They love the humidity in the summer and seek out warmth and shelter in the winter. No matter what season it is, your Charlotte property is susceptible to a pest infestation, and we want to help.

Since 2016, the local pest professionals at Aruza Pest Control have been providing eco-friendly pest solutions to the greater Charlotte metro area. Whether faced with residential pest problems or large-scale commercial pest issues, we’re here for you. In an area rife with rodents, spiders, mosquitoes, termites, and other common pests, you can’t afford to neglect pest protection. From initial consultation and inspection with one of our licensed service managers to a tailor-made treatment program to fit your particular needs, Aruza is ready to help. Call us today for a free quote, and let us make your Charlotte home or business completely pest-free.

Home Pest Control In Charlotte, NC

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If a house full of loved ones is called home, what does a house full of pests make? It's still your home. Well, when you discover a pest infestation, the home doesn't feel so cozy anymore. These intruders are relentless, and they will find their way into your house, especially in a humid place like Charlotte.

Over 8,000 households filled with happy customers currently use our residential pest control services. We work with you to customize a home protection plan designed specifically to fit your needs. After a thorough inspection by one of our certified pest experts, we make our initial service visit, covering your home's interior and exterior.

When you partner with Aruza, you'll work with one of our managers to develop a plan that's right for you. We offer ongoing residential pest control services and follow-up visits to prevent a reinfestation. We offer our Aruza Guarantee; if pests return between regular visits, we will return and retreat free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control In Charlotte, NC

Pests aren't picky about which buildings they infest. If there's food, water, and shelter, they're happy. We personalize our commercial pest control services to fit your needs; call us up for a brief consultation, and we'll provide you with a quote. After our initial inspection, we will better understand the treatments we need to deliver.

If you've got pests in your commercial facility, we've got the commercial pest control solutions needed to eliminate them for good. The dangers of a commercial pest infestation are arguably worse than those of a residential infestation because of the large-scale repercussions. Your reputation isn't something to treat lightly, so protect your business, employees, customers, inventory, and good name.

Guide To Ant Prevention In Charlotte, NC

One of the reasons ants can be so troublesome is their size; they’re so tiny that they can fit into the smallest openings and get inside your house. Here are some ways you can prevent ants from infesting your home:

  • Seal off entrances.

  • Repair cracks and crevices.

  • Spray an ant barrier insecticide around your home.

  • Keep food in airtight containers.

  • Clean up spills and crumbs immediately.

  • Wash dirty dishes promptly.

  • Regularly sweep and vacuum.

  • Wipe down surfaces.

You can also use ant traps and baits and spend a whole bunch of money on methods that may or may not work. Your best bet is calling in the experts at Aruza Pest Control. We are familiar with local ant species and their nesting habits and employ environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate them.

Protect Your Charlotte, NC Property From Termite Damage 

There are two "W's" you'll want to be aware of when it comes to preventing termite damage: wood and water. Termites feed on wood and require water to survive. They're "moisture pests" that not only need water to survive but also produce moisture as they feed. They can cause severe structural damage by weakening wood from the inside out.

Here are some prevention tips to remember:


  • Reduce moisture in and around the home.

  • Repair leaky faucets and faulty pipes.

  • Maintain proper drainage.

  • Use a dehumidifier in areas with a lot of moisture.


  • Store piles of wood away from the soil.

  • Keep wood away from the foundation.

  • Clear away dead vegetation.

  • Manage overgrown trees, shrubs, bushes, etc.

The only 100% effective way to treat termite infestations is to call Aruza Pest Control. We have walked many homes and business owners through the trials and tribulations of termite damage and have years of experience treating infestations. Contact Aruza Pest Control today to schedule termite protection services for your home or business.


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