Bald Faced Hornets

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Dolichovespula maculata
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1" - 2"

A hyper-aggressive wasp, the bald faced hornet is feared amongst North America for their territorial behavior and recognizable black and white patterns.

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Infamous across North America, the bald-faced hornet stands out amongst the bustling insect crowd. They're robust, social wasps with a body length that can stretch from 1-2 inches. The hornet's unique black body and contrasting white face, decorated with yellow markings, make them a notable sight. They are, however, not just aggressive but also capable of multiple stings - something worth remembering during any hostile encounter.


Bald-faced hornets are predatory wasps that eat a variety of insects, including caterpillars, spiders, and flies. They also scavenge for fruits, vegetables, and sweets. Bald-faced hornets live in social colonies with a queen, workers, and drones. The queen lays eggs, the workers care for the young, and the drones mate with the queen.

Bald faced hornets are the largest hornets in North America. They eat pests and are beneficial, but can be dangerous if threatened. If you see a nest, leave it alone and contact professionals to have it safely removed.l. If stung, remove the stinger and apply ice. Seek medical attention if allergic.


Bald-faced hornets can make their homes in a variety of habitats, including forests, meadows, and even backyards. They are most commonly found in areas with plenty of trees, shrubs, and rotting wood, which provide them with a food source and a place to build their nests.

Human Interaction

As much as we're intrigued by bald-faced hornets here at Aruza, they can be quite the nuisance and even pose health risks. They're armed with the ability to sting repeatedly, which can cause painful injuries. Furthermore, for those allergic to their stings, encounters can be particularly dangerous and even fatal.

It's therefore essential to prevent interaction with these hornets, by wearing long sleeves and pants in hornet-populated areas, using insect repellent, and maintaining a respectful distance from their nests.


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Pest Control

Managing a bald-faced hornet situation often requires the expertise of pest control professionals. They have access to various methods to control these insects effectively and safely.

Insecticide sprays offer an immediate solution, killing hornets on contact. Hornet traps lure these insects and manage to control their population effectively. When the infestation is severe, fumigation, a technique that uses gas to kill hornets in a confined space, may be necessary.

The appropriate method for dealing with bald-faced hornets will depend on the intensity of the infestation and the type of bald-faced hornets present. A professional pest control company can evaluate the situation and suggest the most effective treatment method.

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